The Bitter Truth about Sugar Video


Watch “The Skinny on Obesity” with Dr. Lustig: Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of End… also for more info on health sugar and wellness visit the Mineral Man today!

This is a video that has changed my life. Now, I’ve been away from using weird sugars such as High Fructose Corn Syrup, but I’ve still been dealing with sugars and sugary products for a while. However, my dearest friend showed me this video and she felt compelled to clear my house of any product that had offending ingredients.

Sure I’m happy, but I’m sad that it took my dear friend six years to become aware of this. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER truly hits home for me here. Really listen to this video with Dr. Lustig, he really explains why we eat less fat and still gain more weight. Take heed and take care.

Due Daniels

“Mental Scientist…”

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61 thoughts to “The Bitter Truth about Sugar Video”

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  3. That was enlightening. It doesn’t happen often that I watch something on youtube and actually take notes. Thank you to the University of California for sharing this talk!

  4. I lost 65 pounds by eating bacon, steak, chicken and fish. These are not lies……

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  9. Did you watch the video at all?
    We uses “glucose” for energy, not “sugar”. Refined sugar did not exist until the last hundreds of years, and sure was not ubiquitous until the last few decades.
    A well-balanced plant-based diet includes both fat and protein. It is laughable that someone still think fat is the villain. We are still deep in the mess Ancel Keys brought the whole country (and the whole world) in…

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  11. I have a feeling I won’t want to eat High Fructose Corn Syrup after this.

  12. Humans need sugar to survive. It is a Natural essential nutrient that is necessary to our well being. The correct way to lose weight is to eat a plant based diet. That’s its. The fat you eat is the fat you weigh. You need sugar and carbs to let you exercise, but its the high fat and protein that is weighing you down.

  13. Sugar makes you FAT = LOL. This shit’s in league with “Ancient Aliens”. It’s so funny what morons can believe.

  14. if animal products make you obese, how did I go from being consistently obese to being consistently skinny and muscular by eating them almost exclusively?

  15. Sugar is not the problem. We are meant to be simple carbohydrate burning animals. We are fat because we eat too much animal fat and protein, and do too little cardiovascular exercise.

  16. Genes have nothing to do with Obesity. Obesity is generated from lack of exercise, too much protein, and too much fat. If everyone were on a plant based diet, you would NEVER have to limit your calories, you would NEVER have to get a bypass, you would NEVER be over weight when going Vegan and living a healthy lifestyle. Meat, dairy, egg, and salt cause obesity,not sugar. OH WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN YOU VEGAN? same place gorillas,elephants, bull, giraffes, hippos, buffalo, and panda get it

  17. DO NOT BE BLINDED BY THESE LIES. Lustig’s first statement was completely false. He said that the Japanese eliminate fructose. The Japanese eat loads of fruits/vegetables that are PACKED with fructose. Please do not believe that fructose and carbohydrates are the reason for obesity. Look at the Kenyans and the Thai people. They eat mostly sugars and carbs, and they’re the leanest. Lustig over here promoting protein, he doesn’t look to lean
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  19. 41:25 The definition of fast food is definitely the food which is full of fibre (fruits and vegetables)

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  22. People keep slamming Lustig for being ‘fat’. First of all he isn’t that fat. Also, he is older and I guarantee that it is harder to stay lean as you age. Finally, he still claims that glucose is good, that it is only fructose that drives obesity. I agree that the fructose is a huge problem. But for the insulin resistant glucose can also be a problem. I suspect if he limited his carb intake it would make a difference.

  23. Lol, whatever Dr. Lustig is eating it sure is working, he looks so fit and healthy and he’s not overweight at all

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  30. He is not fat from what I’m observing. And even if he were fat and not following his own advice, it certainly doesn’t mean his advice is bad. By your logic, someone who smokes shouldn’t advise their children not to.

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  35. the artificial one, added to food. He says later on “eat your carbs with fiber” so eating fructose in an apple is GOOD because there’s more fiber than sugar and the fiber helps to break it down

  36. amazing lecture. I am starting today – processed foods OUT and cutting down the carbs – thank you dr lustig. I’ve been saying for years that since diet foods were invented we’ve been getting fatter but this is the first time i’ve seen why.

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  38. I wonder why he is fat. Too much sugar? Nah, it’s the animal products. Fat and unfit people shouldn’t be allowed to give lectures on nutrition. If you can’t drive a car yourself how would you be able to teach others to do so?

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  43. I am confused by the fact that Lustig uses the words “fructose” and “Sucrose” interchangeably. Does he mean, by “fructose,” all sugars not natural i.e. glucose?

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  45. excellent and informative lecture. just checking out all the food in my fridge and my cupboards and he is right, everything has sugar in it — even multigrain crackers and pretzels. will now be reading the ingredients of everything I buy and keeping an eye out for the sugar. the obesity epidemic has also hit the UK, especially teen-agers who are always seen drinking Coke. am going to share this with my friends.

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  48. Thank you for the insight Professor Robert H. Lustig, I enjoyed this one. I always knew the excuse, “I am fat/obese/morbidly obese because it is genetic,” being used by people without a ‘buffalo hump,’ was nonsense. I see the population getting bigger and bigger, so genetics can’t be the reason, especially when I don’t see any obese people having kids! The next time I hear someone use that ‘genetics’ excuse I’m going to send them here. I had a suspicion that a pop was = to a beer. Now I know.

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