Listening to Positive Audio – Day 7 of 30


It’s not everyday that someone gives you a positive pep talk… sometimes you have to give yourself one or better yet become the person who gives the positive pep talk. How can you give a positive pep talk if you’re full of negativity. You can give a positive pep talk unless you’ve filled your mind with positive things to say.

The idea here is to get around positive people so that you have positive things to offer people and more importantly, you become an instrument of positivity. You begin to vibrate on a high level of positivity. You can only do this when you have locked into allowing positive things into your mind. You can always tell how positive you are by all the positive results or things happening in your life.

Avoid your normal naysayers, news bringers, gossipers, and people with very little to offer you as far as enhancing your life. Don’t cut them off, but be a coach and lower their minutes until they are complete bench riders. Eventually, they will quit your team, I mean the team. Instead of them, get around positive people; one of the easiest ways to do this is to buy them. Get tapes on Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, and Napoleon Hill and listen to those as you go about your day.

Many thought provoking things will come about your life!

Due Daniels

Think Do Have Be Process


…How what we think about controls and impacts what we do, which results in what we have and who we become. Want to change your circumstance, change what you think. And this video goes into how to do just that.

If you’re able to stop thinking about your current status and project your mind to the status you really want and desire; you will be able to do, have, and become the person you’re really wanting to be.

Thinking is a game to win…

This short video give you an inside look at how you can do this in a matter of days and put your thinking, your mind set on a better plane for success, and break free of routine results because of your routine thinking that most likely based on seeing the present images around you on a daily basis.

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Due Daniels

“Mental Scientist . . .”

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The Bitter Truth about Sugar Video


Watch “The Skinny on Obesity” with Dr. Lustig: Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of End… also for more info on health sugar and wellness visit the Mineral Man today!

This is a video that has changed my life. Now, I’ve been away from using weird sugars such as High Fructose Corn Syrup, but I’ve still been dealing with sugars and sugary products for a while. However, my dearest friend showed me this video and she felt compelled to clear my house of any product that had offending ingredients.

Sure I’m happy, but I’m sad that it took my dear friend six years to become aware of this. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER truly hits home for me here. Really listen to this video with Dr. Lustig, he really explains why we eat less fat and still gain more weight. Take heed and take care.

Due Daniels

“Mental Scientist…”

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Charles Ramsey Amanda Berry Hero Dead Giveaway Song!

I knew somethin was wrong when a
little pretty white girl
ran into a black man’s arms

dead giveaway, dead giveaway
my neighbor got big testicles
cause we see this dude everyday
we eat ribs with this dude,
but we didn’t have a clue
that that girl was in that house,
she said please help me get out

so I opened the door, we can’t get in that way
a body can’t fit through the door, only your hand
so we kick-kicked the bottom,
and she comes out, and she says
it’s some more girls up in that house
call 911 and they caught him
at mcdonald’s

I knew somethin was wrong when a
little pretty white girl
ran into a black man’s arms…

My lady showed me this on the news yesterday and I told her before you know it, it will be on YouTube as a song. We know this guy is a hero for what he did. Charles Ramsey help rescue a girl who had been kidnapped over 10 years ago. So we know Charles is a hero, it took some guts to do what he did.

Charles Ramsey Amanda Berry Hero Dead Give Away Song

But we also know he is a comical guy with some “hood” personality. Much like Antoine Dodson, who became famous for his songafied song as he reported to the news how some “idiot” in the projects tried to rape his sister with everyone in the house; Charles is onto that level of fame, with helping Amanda Berry (and the other girls delivered out of that house).

I can’t help but think of how many African Americans would have been internet celebrities had the internet, specifically YouTube, been around during the 70s, 80s, even 90s. What if we had YouTube during slavery…

Some African Americans get annoyed when the news programs interview one of the man “uneducated” “inarticulate” members of the black community when investigating a crime or situation in the community. Now these things are simply turned into music videos on YouTube that get millions of views.

“Dead GiveAway… we eat ribs with this dude…”


How to Double Your Brain Power!

Brian Tracy (The Author of this AMAZING video!) is one of America’s leading authorities on the enhancement of personal effectiveness, the development of human potential, and the art of salesmanship. A dynamic and entertaining speaker, he has motivated and inspired thousands of people toward peak performance and high achievement. His seminars on leadership, goals, motivation, time management, and success psychology draw capacity audiences. Check out his website

This program was the first program I listened to when originally learning about the power of my mind. I actually found the audio cassettes tapes in my dad’s library. I put it in the car and listened to it everyday when I drove to work or any other place.

How to Double Your Brain Power

This is a very good program, it helps you gather ideas and further stay on your goals on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy it and it is helpful to you!