Due Daniels Renaissance in 2021

Hey, it’s Due Daniels and it’s 2021 roundabout June Michael Jordan (the 23rd). I’ve decided to jump back into the duedaniels.com biz to hopefully save a few lives.

It’s my objective in life to serve, counsel, and make other people happy because that makes me happy. So this renaissance is to do things that make me happy, which is… to make other people happy.

What Makes People Happy?

It depends on who you ask. In my research and spirit, people break down into three groups; the first group is like me. They enjoy making other people happy. They hold the doors for strangers, they take behind the scene roles, they make sure their spouse has the extra snack in the hidden part of their bag, the backpacks for their kids.

They know that smile or sigh of relief will come upon their spouse and child, and this is what makes them happy, knowing they made them happy. They see the homeless man and not only give him a dollar or two but they go buy some food and 24-case of water.

This group can get down on themselves because they care for money, but don’t at the same time, which has a dissonance feel to their spirit because we live in a world that emphasizes wealth and material gain. The lack of wealth and material gives a negative impression. This group can sometimes be taken advantage of because of their helpful and giving spirit.

What Makes Group Two Happy?

Group two enjoy helping others but they really enjoy the recognition and being served also. Life’s pleasures, close relationships, and their job or job status is what really bring happiness to them.

The last group pretends they like to serve, but in reality, they want to be served. They enjoy the finer things in life and they give to others to appear as servants, but they mainly do this for the recognition and maybe even the kickbacks.

This isn’t bad at all, it is what makes them happy. Money and material things make them happy because it brings them prestige, power, importance, and they actually enjoy having those things.

Why did I tell you this?

Whichever group you find yourself in, do not let mainstream media or society make you feel bad about it. It is what brings the most happiness to you; follow it.

It’s because I think it will help someone and make them happy. Also, I am using this post to announce I’m launching a couple of projects that will make me happy. What makes me happy? Making other people fulfill their joy and happiness.

The first project is a project called The Failure System. I wrote this project back in hmm, 2010 maybe, but never knew how to release it, so I hoarded it and had it sit on a disk drive all these years. Now I offer it to you if it makes you happy. If not, please comment, troll, and say what you will about it that will make you happy or bring you happiness.

You’ll learn more about it @theFailureSystem.com

Another project is called … well, let’s get through the Failure System first.

All of the posts will be sponsored by two companies I absolutely love and use their product or service every day. I’ll leave their link and bio and future postings.

It’s good to be back and I look forward to this ride going forward.

Due Daniels

What makes you happy?



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