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It’s all Really Simple…

When I was in college, I began as an undecided major openly as towards academics, but I had a major picked out in my head. I was going to major in Basketball. It was the sole purpose of going to college. Unfortunately, basketball is an extracurricular activity and I could not receive a degree for my accomplishments in it (they told me).

At the start of my junior year, administration came to my dorm room with weapons, the lead commander put a knife to my throat demanding I select a major of focus to obtain a degree in from the university. I tried to tell them to come back again tomorrow, but the weapons meant, select or die.

I said “okay, give me a quarter.” A quarter was given to me, I threw it in the air and said, “heads, sociology and social work, tails, education and teaching.”

Bing… clang, ring…

It landed on heads!

Heads or Tails Story

I began to focus my courses in sociology and social work, and ended with a degree in that line of education. You can clap if you want! Nevertheless, I only worked three years in that area before I realized another thing…


They (the job) told me how to do everything. How to get to work, what to wear, how to act, when to use the bathroom, when to eat, when I could go home, what to eat and do once I’m home; they even told me how to do my job, even if my own personal METHODS worked better than theirs, I was to STICK to their SCRIPT.

I asked myself a deep question!

I said, “Due, what are you doing here?”

I replied, “making a living, and doing what society has taught me will allow me to be successful and happy!” (speaking with a robotic smile)

My questioning self asked again, “Due, are you happy?”

I said, “HE*L NO!”

Then my questioning self pleasantly asked again, “Due, what are you doing here?”

I humbly replied, “I don’t know. I’m simply programmed to do what everyone, including society, expects and wants me to do.”

“Are you happy? And if not, what are you going to do about it?”

It was then I decided to attempt to take some control of my life. I started a business, because they said “a business will free you up.” I started one and was locked inside of it. I made a lot of money, but with no financial IQ, I gave it all back to vendors just like myself.

I wasn’t healthy. I was tired, and worried my health would one day cause a premature death (this is true stuff). I mean it looked like the most random people got cancer, diabetes, heart problems, and I rolled the dice wondering if and when I’d be next.

Mentally, I was not happy. I was fronting. Showing I was successful, but inside I could barely put a meal on the table for myself, yet alone the young family I started. I smiled outside, but inside I was full of frowning emojis.

Most of all, I had no spirituality. Raised a Christian, I could barely tell you anything Jesus Christ stood for, and I couldn’t even connect with a Creator.

A series of events changed a lot of things for me.

What changed things had to do with the death of a friend, near death of another close friend, losing my job and business, and returning to living in my parents home. I was like the goat herder who now had a lot of time to read, think, and reflect.

That’s exactly what I did.

I learned a lot. I learned chasing businesses and money wasn’t my purpose (or good for you). It’s probably not yours either.

I learned the life 95% of people live is totally hazardous to their well-being, their children, their health, and their mental stability.

I’m thankful I found my way out, and if you too are in a position where you want to get out, but every door you open leads to another maze; then I want to offer this website to help you declutter and get out of the “progtrix.”

What is the Progtrix?

The progtrix is simply the Programming Matrix of the world! Many people want out of the progtrix, but don’t know how to get out.

I will tell you this. I takes someone to guide you out. You don’t make it out on your own. These guides are known as mentors, counselors, or coaches. If you believe it is time to change things in your life, I mean really change things…

You may want to take a look at the Progtrix Removal Course also known as the Magna Carta Club! (coming soon)

It is totally possible for you to have the life you want, but I’ll tell you this, NO ONE running the Progtrix or operating in it will tell you how to get out of it. They need you in it for their own survival.

You can’t just jump into the Magna Carta Club, let’s start small over a cup of virtual coffee, tea, or a smoothie. This way we can learn more about each other. If you want to learn the very first steps of getting out of progtrix, then click this link and move to the next step! See you there…


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  1. It would be a good idea if philosophy itelsf was taught in schools. This has been neglected in Britain for a long time, probably for a over century (I haven’t the figures to hand).Every subject has a philosophy which both informs the subject and challenges its assumptions. The problem with the ID vs evolution debate is that the debate is not about science per se, but about what counts as science. This is not a question answerable within science at all: it is a question answerable when thinking about the philosophy of science. Many people are unaware of this. This is mainly due to almost all schooling to age 18 in Britain providing a readymade philosophical framework for each subject, without ever asking the child to justify that framework, or even telling them what the framework is. Our young adults are therefore philosophically ignorant: they do not know what philosophy is, or what it is for.Were philosophy taught properly in schools then it is likely that both sides of the argument would fear the other side less. They would all know that philosophically aware pupils were able to challenge the presuppositions of each subject for themselves, and were provided with a safety net against nonsensical thinking and indoctrination.Also, what I like here is that I have not needed to state my own view on ID vs evolution! And I don’t need to, thats not the point. I can guarantee though, that having thought about the question of origins in depth, I don’t believe the world rests on tortoises, who may or may not be partially responsible for creation/nature (does anyone?!). That third option has too great philosophical problems. Both ID and evolution have less problems than tortoises. So I believe my philosophy is, to this extent, informed. I would love young adults to have a similar philosophical benefit of informed thinking, having considered carefully all sides of a debate within their own philosophical framework, and having considered their own framework too.

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