Meet Due


Due DanielsDue Daniels is an Author, Publisher, and Counselor.

He started his path in when he began looking for clients for his own personal health and fitness business he started after college.

While learning how to get more clients, he learn a lot about marketing and began to feel more desire to learn marketing than teaching fitness.

Due learned fast from Internet Marketing “Gurus” – and wrote his own marketing ebook, which sold hundreds of copies online.

Due’s marketing knowledge and skills landed him a job where he worked for two different Fortune 500 Companies, became certified a Google Adwords Professional, along with other marketing certifications.

From this experience Due decided to start a marketing consulting company and he’s been helping people solve their marketing problems by developing systems for them.

This is why individuals, businesses, and institutions fail; because they do not have a plan or a system in place in which to operate.

Due has transitioned back to his home roots of counsel and consulting, primarily for individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs seeking balance and strategic outlines to get great results in life and their endeavors.

Obtain Wise Counsel is what Due has done and now offers that same counsel to those who desire. Remember, the proverb says in the multitude of counsellors there is safety. Due hope he can help you keep or get your life into safety with wisdom, and a higher level of awareness towards sound judgments and decisions in your life, family, or profession.

Due works out of Geneva, Il and takes clients based on a systematic practice!

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