What Makes People Lazy


What Makes People Lazy

What Makes People Lazy
We’re not getting lazier, we’re getting smarter!

From the average guy to the average business restaurant or household, people get lazier because the brain likes less work.

The body gets use to working less and idea or notion that no one dies immediately for being lazy keeps people at it. Ultimately, things work (for a while) even in people are super laziness.

Restaurants salt your food or sugar it up unhealthily and business shove lazy promotional marketing down your throat all because most people are lazy and in like manner so are those types of restaurant and business owners.

And because most people been desensitized to these lazy methods, these lazy method providers have to add more salt, more sugar, more lousy marketing, and more lousy customer service until there is a rebellion (also known as a transformation).

What is the solution to this problem?

If you’re awake mentally and spiritually as the restaurant owner, business owner, husband, wife, child, teacher, or whatever you are; make an earnest effort to avoid the shortcut. Take the long route, don’t bend the corners, and for the Creator’s sake surround yourself with people who insist on taking the long route too.What Makes People Lazy

What Makes People LazyThis is a long term view of life playing amidst a bunch of people who are only looking forward to eating today! Just want to thank Seth Godin for the shortcut today 🙂

Of course if you need help with this, feel free to contact us!

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The Bitter Truth about Sugar Video


Watch “The Skinny on Obesity” with Dr. Lustig: http://www.uctv.tv/skinny-on-obesity Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of End… also for more info on health sugar and wellness visit the Mineral Man today!

This is a video that has changed my life. Now, I’ve been away from using weird sugars such as High Fructose Corn Syrup, but I’ve still been dealing with sugars and sugary products for a while. However, my dearest friend showed me this video and she felt compelled to clear my house of any product that had offending ingredients.

Sure I’m happy, but I’m sad that it took my dear friend six years to become aware of this. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER truly hits home for me here. Really listen to this video with Dr. Lustig, he really explains why we eat less fat and still gain more weight. Take heed and take care.

Due Daniels

“Mental Scientist…”

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