All Anyone Will Require From You


All Anyone Will Require From You

All Anyone Will Require From You

It’s not a Facebook account, it is not your allegiance, it is not your devoted effort to their life. Nope.

All anyone will require from you in business, career, or relationships is a sound mindset. If you’re troubled by too many things, you won’t be a good employee, business partner, or friend.

They’ll require a healthy body. If you can’t summon the energy to do the thing, you won’t do the thing or you’ll do it lacklusteredly. Visit my website on health for instant health tips.

The last requirement is to cultivate or develop a genuine desire to be of as much service as possible to as many people as possible! Serving others is the easiest way to “get paid,” accomplish goals, move ahead, and have a clear purpose.

This is all anyone will really require of you as it pertains to career, business, and social relationship life!

To get a sound mind, healthy body, and genuine desire to serve others, start by reading a lot more!

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Health Development Key To Success


Health Development Key to Success

Personal development, relationships, money, freedom/leverage, and spirituality are major components to enjoying true success in life. Another vital area is in your personal health. This is what this short discussion here is about. Having health development is a key to having overall success in life.

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The One Shortcut in Life That Actually Works


Get Married: Marriage Good for Health, Good for Your Heart

Get Married: Marriage Good for Health, Good for Your Heart
Helping Each Other

This is no April fools, at least I hope not. The heart does better when it has a companion. This is according to a nationwide study of three and half million participants, and the study found married couples to be less likely to suffer heart problems.

Marriage Good for Health

Married couples are less likely to have blood-vessel problems, this compared to their single, divorced, and widowed brothers and sisters.


I am not suggesting if you’re single to run and tie the knot, no, no, but instead consider the implications. I know marriages can cause stress when they are not set up the correct way. We do not have marriage counselors for nothing you know.


We do not have divorce rates of nearly 50 percent for no reason. However, the study simply states that married people have better hearts than those not married. The reason for this can be simple as the old proverb, two is better than one.


One spouse can encourage the other into healthier habits, than if one was alone to themselves, their TV, and their ice cream, bag of chips, oily meat and gravy, and a shot of Due Daniels cousin, Jack.


“The benefits were seen for both men and women,” said Dr. Jeffrey Berger, a cardiologist at NYU Langone and co-author of the study.


A couple that was interviewed, who’d been married for over 70 years, gave some insight. The wife said, “men are usually not very good at looking after themselves, healthwise.” She said “couples really need to look out for one another.”


I agree and I am sure this is what happens plenty of times in keeping spouses in check. The Claire Huxtable move, take away the long ‘hoagie’ sandwich, and keep the beers to a minimum is what the Claire would do on the ole Cosby Shows.

Marriage Good for Health Study Reveals

Here are some things that this 70-plus year husband does for his wife everyday. He compliments his wife daily, telling of her wonderful smile. This kinda forces her to smile more often right?

Marriage Good for Health
Marriage Good for Health


The numbers from the study were not dramatic, like 50% lower risk. I’m sure many married couples out there still have high blood pressure, heart disease and all the other works.


Married people had a 5% lower risk of any cardiovascular disease compared with single people, a 3% lower risk compared with widowed people and a 5% lower risk compared with divorced people.


The numbers are slightly lower. One bad habit, smoking, was highest among divorced people and widowed had the highest rates of high blood pressure, lack of exercise, and diabetes in this study.


The answer is not to run get married, it is rather to start now to practice better habits, so you attract a partner of the same, or encourage who you’re dating to do likewise. From there, you can exchange vows, and get a completely different heart problem… dealing with spouse.


I’m only kidding…


Weight Loss Master Plan 2014: Plans to Lose Weight


If you’re trying to lose weight effectively, having a strong plan will do you well.

Hi, I’m Due Daniels, and I’m the author of the e-manual, The Weight Loss Master Plan. This is a time of year where millions of people are revisiting goals set out to be accomplished, and a lot of people want to lose weight. You’re going to find people tell you all kinds of things, but the reality is that controlling weight is very simple. I’m not taking away that fact that it can be challenging depending on your DNA, history, environment, but the idea is relatively simple.

The Weight Loss Master Plan gives you the ideal focus you need concerning your diet, and a step-by-step way to make it all happen for you this year!

Watch the video and think about it!

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Hard Work and Dedication Baby…!


Easy on the Greasy Chips: Weight Loss Tip


Stop eating greasy chips, go baked chips or better; get veggies or fruits and avoid fatty greasy chips… Only if you’re trying to lose weight; here is a weight loss tip you can bank on. This…

Eating greasy potato chips does satisfy a craving, bring pleasure to the taste-buds, and gives immediate gratification to a pychological urge. But what does it really do for you in losing weight, or keeping that fine body you want to see when you look in the mirror?


That’s right, so put it away. Search around for a better alternative or a completely different healthy snack that can do the trick for you just like the greasy chips use to. Something like cashews and berries, grapes, slices of apples; you’ll snack on those just the same, but get way better results!

So weight loss tip today, easy on the greasy chips, like Martin told Nipsy to be easy on the meaty, gravy.

Watch the video and think about it!

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Holistic versus Pharmaceutic Healing for Health – Day 10


Welcome to Day 10 

To think you can fix something by simply treating the symptoms (pharmaceutical health treatment), is as wise as building your house upon the sand.

Prescription drugs (pharmacy treatment) only work on the symptoms… that is they will take out the cough, knock out the knee-ache, reduce inflammation, but they will not resolve the problem. For this reason, taking drugs as the answer to remedying health problems is vain, and actually will cause further problems. Look at what all the drugs on the market help, and then look at all the known and possible side effects. I’d only use them to stable the discomfort while treating the entire body and actual cause of the discomfort.

Holistic vs. Pharmaceutic Health Repair

So let’s say you have a disease such as diabetes type 2… the mainstream medicines on the market are only meant to regulate or control the symptoms and never remove the disease or condition. Insulin shots is not the answer… the answer lies in what caused the blood sugar problem in the first place. Typically, disease comes from three primary sources…

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Recommended Holistic Heath Books to Read:

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The Bitter Truth about Sugar Video


Watch “The Skinny on Obesity” with Dr. Lustig: Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of End… also for more info on health sugar and wellness visit the Mineral Man today!

This is a video that has changed my life. Now, I’ve been away from using weird sugars such as High Fructose Corn Syrup, but I’ve still been dealing with sugars and sugary products for a while. However, my dearest friend showed me this video and she felt compelled to clear my house of any product that had offending ingredients.

Sure I’m happy, but I’m sad that it took my dear friend six years to become aware of this. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER truly hits home for me here. Really listen to this video with Dr. Lustig, he really explains why we eat less fat and still gain more weight. Take heed and take care.

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