Learn How to Say No


Learn How to Say No

Learn How to Say No

You have to practice habits and behaviors that will simplify your life. What are those habits?

One of the best habits you can learn is to develop the habit of saying “no” to people.

Particularly saying “no” to any demand on your time, mainly those that are not congruent with what you truly want most out of life.

Many have taught on this including Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend in their work Boundaries, and Brian Tracy in Focal Point, even the late Steve Jobs told you to say “no” to more than just drugs.

Say no to great opportunities that have little to nothing to do with your goals.

This habit is powerful, and can be hard to initially administer. To begin with, just politely say “no” to any demand or request that is not a high-value use of your time towards your major goal.

I want you to leave a comment below with nice ways you can say no to someone who it is difficult to say no to for something they ask you to do often.

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