Confusing Wishful Thinking with Belief


Confusing Wishful Thinking with Belief

Confusing Wishful Thinking with Belief

In Dr. Schwartz book, the Magic of Thinking Big, there is a section where the author talks about people who are confusing wishful thinking with belief.

When we do this, we on the surface affirm we are thinking because it become our goal, but beneath the surface (shout out to the Gza), we are only wishing it comes true.

Want to know how to know you are only wishing and that you don’t believe? It is actually really simple. You simply quote a famous Bible verse that says, “faith without works is dead!”

When you bring this to remembrance, you’ll see that if you have belief, you are taking an action on your belief everyday. If you are merely wishing, you aren’t taking any actions or you do so sparringly.

Don’t confuse wishful thinking with belief, you now know how to self examine yourself!

What’s something you’ve been wishfully thinking will happen, but didn’t believe. Leave your examples in the comments section. Thanks!

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