Seek True Counsel Even If It Hurts


Seek True Counsel Even If It Hurts

Seek True Counsel Even If It Hurts

Napoleon Hill said to “seek the counsel of men (and women) who will tell you the truth about yourself, even if it hurts you to hear it.”

You don’t want the mere commendation people give to keep you feeling okay about yourself. This will not bring any improvement to you that you need.

True, we don’t want to hear true raw stuff from people that we know about ourselves (or don’t know). Sometimes we don’t want to hear it from certain people, but the reality is, we need to hear that we are being lazy.

We need to hear we are not practicing hard enough, we need to hear that our articles are boring, we need to hear some truth. Be sure, however, the quantify where your information is coming from.

Be sure it is coming from someone who has done what you’re attempting to do and they are being truthful, but not discouraging or abasing. They are just bring light to your situation so you can make adjustments and changes. Always go with that and welcome it!

Of course if you need help with this, feel free to contact us!

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Watch Your Children Watching You


Watch Your Children Watching You

Watch Your Children Watching You

It is just criminal to neglect children.

Children come into this world and the very people they are most enamored by are their parents, beginning with mom, then dad.

They see themselves as their parents and try to do everything their parents do. What is criminal is that a lot parents are completely blind to the laws of raising their own children.

Parents often lean on an emotional love instead of a structural love when raising their young.

Also unfortunate, most parents really didn’t plan a family, no. They just had a lot of intimate passion for each other for the or “a” moment, and figure they can get along and raise kids in dysfunction as long as they do so with love.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

I watch parent child interaction often, and what I’ve noticed is that children are watching their parents more than parents think. Especially when you’re talking about them.

I saw this young adorable five or six year old girl starring her mom’s gestures, movement, tone, and look. Her mom was talking to me and as I listened, I took glances at her and she was fixed on her mom. She was capturing everything her mom said and did.

Watch your children watching you, and if you know they are, make sure you’re giving them the stuff you really want them to emulate.

Of course if you want to be an entrepreneur, feel free to contact us for ideas that will suit you best!

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Creating a Culture of Yes


Creating a Culture of Yes

Creating a Culture of Yes

We’re use to no and have it deeply programmed in us as young kids. Parents say “no” a lot and thus when we grow up, we turn into those same parents.

It is really a sense of being protective but overprotection leads to procrastination and an inability to learn. It probably slowly shuts down your creative abilities also.

Eric Schmidt says (in the book How Google Works) you want to establish a culture of yes at your company or business. I say you want to create a culture of yes at your home also.

This will help relationships with children, as it does with coworkers and employees. Saying yes begins things, and it is how things grow.

Schmidt says, “saying yes leads to new experiences, and new experiences will lead you to knowledge and wisdom.” It is an attitude of yes that will allow you to go forward in uncertain times.

Still know when to pull the breaks, but create the culture of yes!

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Why People Aren’t Buying Your Products


Why People Aren’t Buying Your Products

Why People Aren't Buying Your Products

Although this post belongs in the ears and eyes of business, product, or service owners; think about it in your personal life as well.

Sometimes people aren’t buying your friendship, your courtship, your personality or attitude. However, if people aren’t buying your products it really comes down to a couple of things.

The obvious is awareness, but once we get past awareness, and they aren’t running in with money and running out with your stuff it is because they don’t BELIEVE, LOVE, or CARE for it enough.

Starting with believe; they don’t believe you. Your passion is not in it or your knowledge base is not where it needs to be.

They don’t love it. Another product on their way home can do the trick.

They don’t care! You haven’t communicated articulately, emotionally, or enough to make them care or point out why they should care.

This is why people aren’t buying your products. Seth Godin said, “the only things we spend time and money on are things that we believe are worth more than they cost.”

Are your products doing that? If not make the changes.

Are you doing that as a person in your relationship with others? This could be why you’re single or in relationships you don’t like.

Coming soon business counseling but you can still ask a question now by contact me.

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Communication and Intuition


Communication and Intuition

Communication and Intuition

Modern day education has done a job on us in a number of ways, but one really sticks in my mind as I write this post.

Emotional IQ has been suppressed for years, but is making its comeback or rather its rise in awareness. What comes with emotional intelligence is an increased amount of intuition.

With intuition comes a better ability to communicate with others.  Intuition is not just for women guys.

Intuition is a sensitive mental tool giving those who use it the ability to pick up other people’s moods, thoughts, vibrations, and feelings.

Those who are counselors (smile), salespeople, detectives, and military generals, usually have a very strong intuitive faculty. They’ve been trained or trained themselves to pick up other people’s energy and feeling what people say instead of hearing what they say.

To strengthen it, you must become more observant and get feedback from people you have built rapport with.

If you need help with this, feel free to contact me.

Let me make a suggestion to you


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May I Suggest to You


May I Suggest to You

May I Suggest to You

Very often we are met by friends, family, associates, and even complete strangers who have a take on our situation…

…and they’ll take the liberty to suggest something to you. They will begin with the aged old sentence…

“May I Suggest to You”

And you’d have to live in the deep part of the “hood” or “countryville” for someone to say, “NO YOU CAN’T MR.!”

The reality is that people have been making suggestions to you for a very long time. When you were younger, you probably took all suggestions like it wasn’t anything.

You didn’t do a background check on who was giving you the suggestion or not. The key in this posting is to remind you that you need to autosuggest to yourself, and take counsel from someone who has done what you are attempting to do.

Autosuggestion is something you suggest over and over to yourself, your subconscious mind, until it becomes second nature to you. It becomes you!

So may I suggest to you to use autosuggestion?

As always, if you need help with this, feel free to contact me.

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Learn How to Say No


Learn How to Say No

Learn How to Say No

You have to practice habits and behaviors that will simplify your life. What are those habits?

One of the best habits you can learn is to develop the habit of saying “no” to people.

Particularly saying “no” to any demand on your time, mainly those that are not congruent with what you truly want most out of life.

Many have taught on this including Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend in their work Boundaries, and Brian Tracy in Focal Point, even the late Steve Jobs told you to say “no” to more than just drugs.

Say no to great opportunities that have little to nothing to do with your goals.

This habit is powerful, and can be hard to initially administer. To begin with, just politely say “no” to any demand or request that is not a high-value use of your time towards your major goal.

I want you to leave a comment below with nice ways you can say no to someone who it is difficult to say no to for something they ask you to do often.

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