Tacko Fall Interview Inspiring


Tacko Fall Interview Inspiring

This young man stands 6 inches from 8 feet, he is straight dark chocolate and a ball of joy to be around (those who are around him say so). The intriguing and inspiring thing about Elhadji Tacko Sereigne Diop Fall (AKA Tacko Fall), is that he’d rather be a Stevie Jobs than a Michael Jordan.

Jordan and LeBron James are selling shoes and doing well in business, but Fall is a real smart dude. He got a scholarship for hoops, but was also brought into the engineering program full ride too.

I took note that he is from Senegal and they along with Sudan, Nigeria, and India, produce really good math prodigies. China is okay too :)! This is inspiring to show to young kids who aspire to play school sports and to play professionally.

Think about the future. Sports at extreme levels like the NBA are a two decade sport at its’ best. Your brain and smarts is forever!

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Tacko Fall Interview Inspiring


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