Tacko Fall Interview Inspiring


Tacko Fall Interview Inspiring

This young man stands 6 inches from 8 feet, he is straight dark chocolate and a ball of joy to be around (those who are around him say so). The intriguing and inspiring thing about Elhadji Tacko Sereigne Diop Fall (AKA Tacko Fall), is that he’d rather be a Stevie Jobs than a Michael Jordan.

Jordan and LeBron James are selling shoes and doing well in business, but Fall is a real smart dude. He got a scholarship for hoops, but was also brought into the engineering program full ride too.

I took note that he is from Senegal and they along with Sudan, Nigeria, and India, produce really good math prodigies. China is okay too :)! This is inspiring to show to young kids who aspire to play school sports and to play professionally.

Think about the future. Sports at extreme levels like the NBA are a two decade sport at its’ best. Your brain and smarts is forever!

The service you render to others…


Tacko Fall Interview Inspiring

Listening to Positive Audio – Day 7 of 30


It’s not everyday that someone gives you a positive pep talk… sometimes you have to give yourself one or better yet become the person who gives the positive pep talk. How can you give a positive pep talk if you’re full of negativity. You can give a positive pep talk unless you’ve filled your mind with positive things to say.

The idea here is to get around positive people so that you have positive things to offer people and more importantly, you become an instrument of positivity. You begin to vibrate on a high level of positivity. You can only do this when you have locked into allowing positive things into your mind. You can always tell how positive you are by all the positive results or things happening in your life.

Avoid your normal naysayers, news bringers, gossipers, and people with very little to offer you as far as enhancing your life. Don’t cut them off, but be a coach and lower their minutes until they are complete bench riders. Eventually, they will quit your team, I mean the team. Instead of them, get around positive people; one of the easiest ways to do this is to buy them. Get tapes on Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, and Napoleon Hill and listen to those as you go about your day.

Many thought provoking things will come about your life!

Due Daniels