I Won’t Have Fries With That


I Won’t Have Fries With That

I won’t have fries with that

It is typical of not just American culture, but modern culture to want to supersize everything, add more to everything, get the biggest plate to every meal.

In a me first society, especially one that struggles to lose weight, stay healthy, manage money, and on and on, one simple suggestion to change it all is contentment. 

I won’t have fries with that

In other words, get smaller portions. “I won’t have fries with that, in fact I will only have half of that!” This needs to be the new response (especially if you’re still eating routinely in such establishments).

Seth Godin said in his blogpost, sometimes we’d do better if we just got a smaller bowl. It is a simple hack that really works, but who wants anything with the letter W-O-R-K in it? New answer… WE DO!






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