When Did You Decide to Settle?


Due DanielsWhen Did You Decide to Settle?

Work and business all bring tricky conditions to us. If you’re blessed, you went and found a job that you enjoyed with a company you enjoyed, and around people you enjoy.

If not, you have the opposite on at least one of the three, which can make for a bad situation. If you’re blessed, you began work with enthusiasm, excitement, and a desire to be a contributor; if not you just showed up.

The problem is that many people come to a career or business and lose the enthusiasm, excitement, and joy because they can’t contribute like they want.

They can’t input, their ideas or passed over and now maybe even resentment sets in.

What do you do now?

The short counsel is to find a new job or career or make sure you voice to people who will hear, clearly, you feelings. As long as clear communication is done, you can make a decision.

Most people don’t do this, they settle and watch themselves and possibly the company begin to take a dive, waiting for the someone to finally listen or make the changes you want. This mentality is flying a plane with no wheels… a crash is sure to happen!


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