Finding Love on the Internet


Finding Love on the Internet

Finding Love on the Internet

No, I’m not talking about that kind of love.

The dating websites are great if people are able to find a great connection and settle down with the people they met, have children, and have a good relationship and life together.

I’m talking about those guys and gals who are finding love on the internet but are detested in person by their real associates friends and family (I apologize if I’m writing about myself).

The point is that we should NOT have a fan club online and are selfish, ugly, and churlish to our spouses, kids, brothers, sisters, parents, children, etc.

Sure, some loved ones will hate on your life work, some won’t want anything to do with it because it is different.

The idea is to still show love and compassion, because in most cases they are ignorant, so it is vital to CONTINUE being loving to those who don’t understand your transformation and keep them in, even if they are without.

Are you finding love on the internet, by running away from the real life person you are?

Now’s the time to change it!



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