How to Double Your Brain Power!

Brian Tracy (The Author of this AMAZING video!) is one of America’s leading authorities on the enhancement of personal effectiveness, the development of human potential, and the art of salesmanship. A dynamic and entertaining speaker, he has motivated and inspired thousands of people toward peak performance and high achievement. His seminars on leadership, goals, motivation, time management, and success psychology draw capacity audiences. Check out his website

This program was the first program I listened to when originally learning about the power of my mind. I actually found the audio cassettes tapes in my dad’s library. I put it in the car and listened to it everyday when I drove to work or any other place.

How to Double Your Brain Power

This is a very good program, it helps you gather ideas and further stay on your goals on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy it and it is helpful to you!



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7 thoughts to “How to Double Your Brain Power!”

  1. But most importantly IMO approaching those subjects with the mindset of “scientific evidence” will hinder one from getting anywhere in this field, and he will only waste his time. I am not trying to claim a material or physical fact here. It is a spiritual experience where one can find inner peace and harmony with the universe. The last thing I care about here is “proof” for to me it is not a belief. Rather it is a state of mind and heart. It is more of a spiritual theory than a scientific fact.

  2. Youtube is full of sources that might contain a more convincing argument. It’s a spiritual experience that might lead someone to this. Some call it super consciousness, some call it god. Names don’t matter. Demanding scientific proof for every concept will deprive us of many great experiences. Follow your heart and deep impulses. Start with the wonderful worlds of meditation. That might lead you to unveil many things not necessarily the idea of super consciousness. You could find your own truth.

  3. “he did not make a video to convince people” that does not rhyme with the content and title of this video. To me it seems very much to be the case that the producer of this video has the intention to enlighten and convince an audience of his beliefs. I’ve been looking at a few sources myself for these claims but always come out empty handed, always big and empty claims with no scientific evidence to back it up. Could you possible guide me to the sources that convinced you?

  4. There’s a difference between asking and mocking or belittling. But again he’s not in a debate, and he did not make a video to convince people. There are millions of people who believe in “universal consciousness”. When I first heard about it I didn’t ridicule anyone. Instead I went and studied it from different sources. After I did that I made a choice of either believe in it or not. No one was forcing me to anything. Before we judge anything we should understand it very well, or just ignore it.

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