Morning Routines by World’s Most Successful


Morning Routines by World’s Most Successful

If you have an ABC or 123 system in the morning, it will make the morning much easier to handle. If your ABC or 123 system is coupled with a healthy motivation, you’re always going to have wonderful mornings and wonderful mornings lead to very productive days.

In this video, Evan Carmichael documents successful morning routines by some of the world’s more successful men and women and I believe you’ll find it most interesting and inspiring.

Let me know which one you liked the best and how you’re going to fine tune your morning routine.

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Take Time to Identify Your Passion

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Morning Routines by World’s Most Successful

Facebook is Lying to Us and You


Facebook is Lying to Us and You

Aaron Marino talks about how he realized that scrolling through his newsfeed on Facebook made him feel like a loser. He felt like a ‘weird’ after seeing all of these amazing experiences and amazing relationships other people were having.

He felt like he was ‘missing something’ and that his life was ‘deficient’. He felt like people were jamming how amazing they are and how amazingly incredible their lives are. He started feeling bummed out.

His theory is that Facebook is causing people to feel badly about themselves and making them feel depressed, both the people posting stuff, and the people watching what these people post. Aaron called his friend (Mike) who is a licensed therapist about how destructive social media can be. Mike said that social media is indeed destructive, causing people to feel worse about themselves as they view other people living a fake “Facebook” lifestyle.

Aaron, like you, should feel vindicated and put it all in perspective.

Aaron acknowledges that what you see on social media (Facebook) is not reality! Like online dating, you can craft a persona and mislead people.

The fact is that is everyone has problems, issues, and insecurities. Social media is a place to post amazing things, and for someone looking in through this key-hole, they can start feeling unfulfilled.

You should make sure that if you are spending too much time on social media platform and you are feeling like you need to compete, it’s okay to live a life that is normal. You need to live a life off of the computer. Realize that living is not done on or in front the computer. Make your own amazing memories and life even if you’re not posting it! Put it in perspective!

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Being a Starter or a Finisher!

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Emotions Money and Women


Emotions Money and Women

Emotions Money and Women

I was near a pond and saw a duck violently chasing another duck and it was very interesting to see.

I wondered what the chase was about. I thought, since they are ducks and don’t have the human lifestyle we have, so I figured it couldn’t be about money.

So I went with my second thought, it was a guy duck chasing a gal duck. These animals will chase the heck out of a female.

But don’t laugh oh mighty human…

We aren’t far from the animal kingdom, as human men do the same with human women.

There are three things we’ll chase another man or woman to the ends of the earth for; those are for money, women, and our emotions.

Big Worm said it best, “you playing with my emotions Smokey,” and there are two things he didn’t want no one playing with. Those were his money or his emotions. All three, however, I suggest we get a good grasp and control of.

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Not Sure of What You Want?

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I’m Not Sure What I Want


I’m Not Sure What I Want

I'm Not Sure What I Want

I was talking a friend last weekend and he spoke about wanting to make more money and possibly get off his bus driving job.

I sensed he was serious but not at the point where he’s going to take serious action every day, so I thought I’d use a couple of questions to help him get more serious about his inquiry.

So I asked him, how much money friend would you deem good for you to discontinue your job and be content with your new income that fulfills your needs and desires?

His response was, “I’m not sure, that’s a good question. I’m not sure what I want.”

He said this then proceeded to say $10,000 per month would be ideal. The underlying problem with my friend and with many others (maybe even you reading right now), is that we must be sure and clear about what we want.

If you’re not sure, this means you haven’t thought about the question or thought deep down enough about it. Find out what you want and become sure about it!

This can be done by simply writing it out and reading it every morning and evening. This will help you refine it and keep it on your mind!

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Get Clarity

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The Big Family Called a Corporation


The Big Family Called a Corporation

The Big Family Called a Corporation

No I won’t let it go… the family is an institution like any other institution and must be treated as one (Dr. Marcel Frederick’s).

I’ve repeated that for years, and I’m sure he has also, but it appears it is falling on deaf ears.

If one does not know what that means, let us look at a corporation. The purpose of a corporation (really big family or company) is to serve their customers.

Godin added that the corporation also has the obligation not to harm everyone else. The corporation also has the opportunity to enrich the lives of their employees.

Much like the family, it is put together to serve each other and their community. They also have to moral obligation not to harm others, and the founders (mother and father) have the opportunity and moral obligation to enrich the lives of their employees (children).

Along the way for the corporation, boards and CEOs got the idea that maximizing investor ROI was the main focus and idea of the company. That is not the case ideally.

The investor catches the vision of the company and the potential good the company can serve their customers with and invests his or her money. This is done much like a donor does in a nonprofit, except the investor typically (and should be) looking for profit in addition to the purpose, obligation, and opportunity of the company.

Profits and stock price aren’t the point (with customers as a side project). It’s the other way around.

As with the family, manicured children who are good on the outside, but burnt up on the inside, are not the answer; developed and productive children is the answer and key to society.

Developed (physically and mentally), and productive children come from developed and productive parents and communities.

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What Makes People Lazy?

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I am Not a Poor Black Kid


poor black kids studyI ran into this article by a middle aged white guy from a middle class background who had an easier life than most poor black kids. His name is Gene Marks, and he writes for Forbes online, and covers technologies helping companies become quicker, better, wiser, etc., according to his bio.

He listened to a speech by President Obama about the crucial time for the middle class, and it inspired him to write the article I’m writing this blog post on today. He noted that he was and is not a poor black kid, but if he was he would certainly make sure he worked hard to get the best grades possible. He’d make sure he could read sufficiently (book of the week style), as a priority.

I wouldn’t care if I was a student at the worst public middle school in the worst inner city.  Even the worst have their best.

Getting good grades gives you more options, even if you’re at a sh&tty school, and knowing how to read well and read with comprehension will educate you beyond the walls of your school. That’s all I wanted to comment on in his article. The vitalness in reading as his top priority. What does it matter to you and why is it important coming from some middle aged guy who writes for Forbes.

Well I don’t know Gene Marks and won’t reach out to him for anything. He’s a published author and is in the circle of  learned men and women, so I’m sure he knows a thing or two about being educated. READ and teach our children to read.

I am not a poor black kid, but if I was, I’d make sure I could read and I’d read books and score high in school, and if I had an extracurricular talent, I’d go all out on that secondary to my reading and education and knowledge skills.


Here is Gene’s original article to read the rest of what he’d do.


Planning Your Family


Planning Your Family

Most people do not think about this, but everything in life requires a good plan. One area where people do not put much thoughtful planning or much thought in period is in planning their family. Planning your family isn’t talked about much anywhere in the educational system (unless I went to the bathroom or dozed off during that subject).

If it is taught, it is not emphasized as much as it should. It was on my mind as I was driving, so I pull out the recorder and thought I’d share it with you.

Leave a comment of what you think about this subject, and why you think people do not fully plan their family?

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Planning Your Family