The Big Family Called a Corporation


The Big Family Called a Corporation

The Big Family Called a Corporation

No I won’t let it go… the family is an institution like any other institution and must be treated as one (Dr. Marcel Frederick’s).

I’ve repeated that for years, and I’m sure he has also, but it appears it is falling on deaf ears.

If one does not know what that means, let us look at a corporation. The purpose of a corporation (really big family or company) is to serve their customers.

Godin added that the corporation also has the obligation not to harm everyone else. The corporation also has the opportunity to enrich the lives of their employees.

Much like the family, it is put together to serve each other and their community. They also have to moral obligation not to harm others, and the founders (mother and father) have the opportunity and moral obligation to enrich the lives of their employees (children).

Along the way for the corporation, boards and CEOs got the idea that maximizing investor ROI was the main focus and idea of the company. That is not the case ideally.

The investor catches the vision of the company and the potential good the company can serve their customers with and invests his or her money. This is done much like a donor does in a nonprofit, except the investor typically (and should be) looking for profit in addition to the purpose, obligation, and opportunity of the company.

Profits and stock price aren’t the point (with customers as a side project). It’s the other way around.

As with the family, manicured children who are good on the outside, but burnt up on the inside, are not the answer; developed and productive children is the answer and key to society.

Developed (physically and mentally), and productive children come from developed and productive parents and communities.

Of course if you need more detail on this, feel free to contact us!

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