Emotions Money and Women


Emotions Money and Women

Emotions Money and Women

I was near a pond and saw a duck violently chasing another duck and it was very interesting to see.

I wondered what the chase was about. I thought, since they are ducks and don’t have the human lifestyle we have, so I figured it couldn’t be about money.

So I went with my second thought, it was a guy duck chasing a gal duck. These animals will chase the heck out of a female.

But don’t laugh oh mighty human…

We aren’t far from the animal kingdom, as human men do the same with human women.

There are three things we’ll chase another man or woman to the ends of the earth for; those are for money, women, and our emotions.

Big Worm said it best, “you playing with my emotions Smokey,” and there are two things he didn’t want no one playing with. Those were his money or his emotions. All three, however, I suggest we get a good grasp and control of.

Of course if you need more detail on this, feel free to contact us!

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