Facebook is Lying to Us and You


Facebook is Lying to Us and You

Aaron Marino talks about how he realized that scrolling through his newsfeed on Facebook made him feel like a loser. He felt like a ‘weird’ after seeing all of these amazing experiences and amazing relationships other people were having.

He felt like he was ‘missing something’ and that his life was ‘deficient’. He felt like people were jamming how amazing they are and how amazingly incredible their lives are. He started feeling bummed out.

His theory is that Facebook is causing people to feel badly about themselves and making them feel depressed, both the people posting stuff, and the people watching what these people post. Aaron called his friend (Mike) who is a licensed therapist about how destructive social media can be. Mike said that social media is indeed destructive, causing people to feel worse about themselves as they view other people living a fake “Facebook” lifestyle.

Aaron, like you, should feel vindicated and put it all in perspective.

Aaron acknowledges that what you see on social media (Facebook) is not reality! Like online dating, you can craft a persona and mislead people.

The fact is that is everyone has problems, issues, and insecurities. Social media is a place to post amazing things, and for someone looking in through this key-hole, they can start feeling unfulfilled.

You should make sure that if you are spending too much time on social media platform and you are feeling like you need to compete, it’s okay to live a life that is normal. You need to live a life off of the computer. Realize that living is not done on or in front the computer. Make your own amazing memories and life even if you’re not posting it! Put it in perspective!

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