Communication and Intuition


Communication and Intuition

Communication and Intuition

Modern day education has done a job on us in a number of ways, but one really sticks in my mind as I write this post.

Emotional IQ has been suppressed for years, but is making its comeback or rather its rise in awareness. What comes with emotional intelligence is an increased amount of intuition.

With intuition comes a better ability to communicate with others.  Intuition is not just for women guys.

Intuition is a sensitive mental tool giving those who use it the ability to pick up other people’s moods, thoughts, vibrations, and feelings.

Those who are counselors (smile), salespeople, detectives, and military generals, usually have a very strong intuitive faculty. They’ve been trained or trained themselves to pick up other people’s energy and feeling what people say instead of hearing what they say.

To strengthen it, you must become more observant and get feedback from people you have built rapport with.

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