Watch Your Children Watching You


Watch Your Children Watching You

Watch Your Children Watching You

It is just criminal to neglect children.

Children come into this world and the very people they are most enamored by are their parents, beginning with mom, then dad.

They see themselves as their parents and try to do everything their parents do. What is criminal is that a lot parents are completely blind to the laws of raising their own children.

Parents often lean on an emotional love instead of a structural love when raising their young.

Also unfortunate, most parents really didn’t plan a family, no. They just had a lot of intimate passion for each other for the or “a” moment, and figure they can get along and raise kids in dysfunction as long as they do so with love.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

I watch parent child interaction often, and what I’ve noticed is that children are watching their parents more than parents think. Especially when you’re talking about them.

I saw this young adorable five or six year old girl starring her mom’s gestures, movement, tone, and look. Her mom was talking to me and as I listened, I took glances at her and she was fixed on her mom. She was capturing everything her mom said and did.

Watch your children watching you, and if you know they are, make sure you’re giving them the stuff you really want them to emulate.

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Husband Wife Not On Financial Same Page


Husband Wife Not On Financial Same Page

Husband Wife Not On Financial Same Page

“My spouse and I aren’t on the same page financially, what should I do?” This is a common problem and one that should be looked into as soon as possible and should have been checked at the door.

As in the picture (to left), couples are getting married and are coming in the gate with high amounts of financial problems, usually starting with ones or both of their debts to other people or organizations.

Because couples get hitched young (often), young folks have a tendency to be more into good smiles, body parts, and good looks; they tend to overlooking the weightier matters.

These weightier matters end up mattering very harshly, like you should have known their IQ scores ahead of time.

Scores such as:

  • Intelligence Quotient
  • Emotional Intelligence Quotient
  • Financial Intelligence Quotient
  • And Spiritual Intelligence Quotient

If you didn’t get these scores prior to marriage, you’re going to have to do a real subtle but not sneaky conversion process. It may have to be a real good humble push and tug to get your spouse to see what you’re now seeing. If you force it or do things overtly, you could end up in a different type of financial quandary called divorce.

Take your time, use wisdom, skill, tact, and grace to steer the direction of your spouse.

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Communication and Intuition


Communication and Intuition

Communication and Intuition

Modern day education has done a job on us in a number of ways, but one really sticks in my mind as I write this post.

Emotional IQ has been suppressed for years, but is making its comeback or rather its rise in awareness. What comes with emotional intelligence is an increased amount of intuition.

With intuition comes a better ability to communicate with others.  Intuition is not just for women guys.

Intuition is a sensitive mental tool giving those who use it the ability to pick up other people’s moods, thoughts, vibrations, and feelings.

Those who are counselors (smile), salespeople, detectives, and military generals, usually have a very strong intuitive faculty. They’ve been trained or trained themselves to pick up other people’s energy and feeling what people say instead of hearing what they say.

To strengthen it, you must become more observant and get feedback from people you have built rapport with.

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Why Emotional Intelligence is Important


Need to Get Control of Yourself? There are FIVE elements that can help you do it everyday all the time. Most people have never looked at intelligence from an emotional standpoint. Author and psychologist, Daniel Goleman, has and has shown how it (emotional intelligence) can be even be more vital than educational intelligence.

Why Emotional Intelligence is Important

Emotional Intelligence Book Read Major Points:

Number 1, if the world worked on emotionally helping people, they would by default help the intellectual intelligence of everyone. So much research hinged on the emotional status of people, starting when they were as young as toddlers.

Number 2, emotionally unstable parents will utterly raise emotionally unstable children, and the cycle and drama continues.

A key ability in impulse control is knowing the difference between feelings and actions, and learning to make better emotional decisions by first controlling the impulse and then identifying alternative actions and her consequences before acting p259.

Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence Chart

There are five components of emotional intelligence:

According to Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist who helped to popularize EI, there are five main elements of emotional intelligence:

  1. Self-awareness.
  2. Self-regulation.
  3. Motivation.
  4. Empathy.
  5. Social skills.

The more that you, as a leader, manage each of these areas, the higher your emotional intelligence. It is vital for you to gain self-awareness, and the ability to regulate yourself. Emotional intelligence people are self motivated or know where to go to get motivation, and they have good or adequate social skills.

Perhaps the most important component they possess is a high level of empathy. This (empathy) is something Goleman emphasized throughout his book. We’ll be doing a part two video because we were long winded with this topic.

How emotionally intelligent are you?

Leave a comment below about what you think your level and how you think you can get better, and if your level is good, how can you help someone else.

why emotional intelligence important

Why Emotional Intelligence is Important

If you want to get the book, go to your local library or snatch it up on Amazon. Thanks for participating. See you for the next book read.