Husband Wife Not On Financial Same Page


Husband Wife Not On Financial Same Page

Husband Wife Not On Financial Same Page

“My spouse and I aren’t on the same page financially, what should I do?” This is a common problem and one that should be looked into as soon as possible and should have been checked at the door.

As in the picture (to left), couples are getting married and are coming in the gate with high amounts of financial problems, usually starting with ones or both of their debts to other people or organizations.

Because couples get hitched young (often), young folks have a tendency to be more into good smiles, body parts, and good looks; they tend to overlooking the weightier matters.

These weightier matters end up mattering very harshly, like you should have known their IQ scores ahead of time.

Scores such as:

  • Intelligence Quotient
  • Emotional Intelligence Quotient
  • Financial Intelligence Quotient
  • And Spiritual Intelligence Quotient

If you didn’t get these scores prior to marriage, you’re going to have to do a real subtle but not sneaky conversion process. It may have to be a real good humble push and tug to get your spouse to see what you’re now seeing. If you force it or do things overtly, you could end up in a different type of financial quandary called divorce.

Take your time, use wisdom, skill, tact, and grace to steer the direction of your spouse.

Of course if you need help with this, feel free to contact us!

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