Write Insults and Critics Down


Write Insults and Critics Down

Write Insults and Critics Down

Shout out to Seth Godin for this one, where the instruction or idea is to write down your insults and criticisms you receive from others.

This is especially so when you receive them from customers (even the disgruntled ones).

People are telling us something useful, but if we’re too arrogant or upset to see what they are seeing and feeling from us or our service, we CANNOT change.

The problem is if you record a video, write a blog post, write a book, or create a product; you are going to feel good about it. Even the flaws, you’ll feel good because you put in the work.

Other people are going to be a bit more objective because they didn’t do the work. They are buying the work or receiving it. So their input is valuable and you should write them down so that you see it and take a moment to really feel what they are saying.

Feedback is the gold in life, if you can learn to absorb the blow some insults and critics give to your ego, you will learn valuable lessons and grow every time.

Secret – Keep a group of people who are known to be haters and present your stuff to them before you release it to the normal public so you can see and understand what the negative people of the world are going to say about your stuff!

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