Perception Governs Reality


Perception Governs Reality

Perception Governs Reality

There are plenty of things that fall by our mental constant stream of information we are fed on a daily basis (this includes info from me)!

One of the things that falls by the wayside often is the understanding that perception rules or governs reality; at least for initial moments and even after that.

What people see about us, our behavior, our beliefs, or our attitudes is the ONLY thing that matters to them. They rarely care if you had a moment, were joking, or even pranking them; their perception of a situation will rule over them and how they react or act.

Perception governs how we act and what we’ll do in a given situation. As an individual, unless we can see what other people see, and to the degree they see it in, in whatever we’re trying to do to reach them, we’ll most likely fail at it.

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