New Age Leadership


New Age Leadership

New Age Leadership

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but around the turn of the 1960s when radio and television began gaining popularity, people  could then record vicious behavior.

When the media would publish cruel activities, men of cruel power began to amend their ways to appear less gruesome than they were.

Instead of sicking a dog on the poor man, they’d just tell him to come to their office to talk, where they could ignore and string him along. This way he feels they’re trying to help.

At any-rate, I digress… the new age leader and his or her leadership will be lead by the genuine milk of human kindness in heart and by taking suggestions from their followers. Kindness is the new “brute forcefulness” of old.

You may asks: “How does a leader get anything done these days if she’s too kind? The workers will think she’s soft and run all over her kindness. Remember, kindness for weakness quote right...?”

Being kind and firm is not illegal.

Leaders must be firm, but the new age leader, if such person desires to be great, the use of force and cruelty must step aside (or be hidden from the publics eye). People are not following that anymore, they are following people who can lead and can lead with an attitude of grace!

Write down three vital leadership skills you’re looking to develop, leave them in the comments below!

What to do with a little opposition?

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