Is Your Kitchen Slowly Killing You?


Everyone loves the modern kitchen with all of its amenities and cosmetic good looks; but could it be a slow kill you enjoy?

I love my stove, oven, I even love my microwave to a small degree, but I understand what it has and is doing to society in general. Dr. Wallach didn’t write this book to shoulder Chef Gordon Ramsay’s popularity nor compete with his kitchen and cooking techniques. Instead, this book was written to show how the modern kitchen has created a host of diseases we see and have today!

Here are my book read notes:

1. The modern kitchen is only for glitz and glamour: When Thomas Edison founded electricity, the kitchen went from a wood burning stove to gas or electric. The problem is that the wood burning stove took the ashes from the wood and replenished them in our gardens, providing minerals in the vegetation. The minerals came from the carbon burned in the wood ashes.

2. Wood ashes used to be a big business in Europe and in colonial and early America: If something was big business, it means it was really useful. It dropped off the face of the earth after the elimination of the wood burning stove kitchen.

3. No wood burning stove, no garden to put the wood ashes: Since we’ve gotten rid of the wood burning stove, we’ve also gotten rid of the garden. The grocery store has replaced our own garden, even the local gardener and farmer. This is another reason for the lack of nutrients we see in our foods and why we can barely do anything about it.

Hells Kitchen book

In short, our foods have little nutrients in them and it matters little that you eat a totally healthy diet. What matters is that you find a way to replace the nutrients we lost in the inventing of the modern kitchen!

You can learn more about this whole process by visiting – The Mineral Man

Pick up a copy of Dr. Wallach’s book Hell’s Kitchen

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