Grading Your Life and Why It Is Important

Grading your life. How often do you grade yourself. How often do you assess how you’ve performed in different areas of your life. I can tell you that it will be very hard to grade yourself if you do not have a standard or bar to grade yourself on. Many times we get grading ourselves incorrectly because we are grading ourselves by another persons standards.

Grading Your Life and Why It Is Important

Grading your life is essential to making improvements. This is what I talk about briefly in this video. You need to set a standard to which to do this. You need to write out goals and objectives that will keep you focused and striving for better. When you set goals, now you can measure them and thus make improvements to your actions if you fall short, or increase them if you are able to meet them.

Nevertheless, if you do not grade yourself, this means you are not challenging yourself, and if you are challenging yourself, you are not giving yourself proper measures to be sure you are making move for improvement. Grading your life is key and this short video goes into some more detail.

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