Wives Don’t Declaw your Husbands


Wives Declawing HusbandsNow women and wives, don’t get all up in arms over the title of this post, “Wives don’t declaw your husbands!” The title suggests that sometimes women, and we will call them wives in this article, tend to be very nice towards their boys that they sometimes are meaner to their girls (daughters) but they’re nice to the boys (sons).

What tends to happen is that their father will be tougher on the boys and nicer to his “baby girl.”

When the father is being harsh or an eager disciplinarian to his son or sons, the mother will usually chime in and demand the dad take it easy on the boy(s) to stop him from being so mean to her boys. Now every time that the father gives a command or authoritative suggestion to his sons, when the mother steps in and reverse or waters down what was cased to occur, the mother is figuratively declawing when she makes statements (in the presence of the kids), “don’t be so mean to my boys.”

Wives Don’t Declaw your Husbands

This begins to teach the boys that they have a defense or safety net in their mother. These boys will slowly turn into “mamas-boy(s)” and feel that the father is just a mean ole bad wolf.

First of all, you really do not want your household divided and ran like that. Fathers need to be tough (in a loving, nurturing, and developing way) on all the kids both boys and girls. The wives need to allow the fathers to be fathers to their boys so that they do not grew up being too (how do you say) motherly. This disrupts the family dynamic when the father is being ‘declawed’ because the respect level or the reverence that children should have towards their father will slowly start to dissipate.

Overtime, if this is not corrected or amended or set at the right space, the boys will look at their father only as a “commando” and possibly and most likely lose out on the real relationship they were supposed to have with their dad. Therefore it becomes imperative for the mother to allow the dad to discipline the boys (appropriately), and the dad to use wisdom not to overdo it so that he’s not taking out his anger on them for every single thing.

Kids are kids they’re going to misbehave at times, and it will make parents upset at times. You have to use patience to make the best decisions and discipline with love and not with evil.

The mother-child relationship or the mother-son relationship is a totally different relationship than the father-son relationship, just as the father-daughter relationship is a totally different dynamic than the mother-daughter relationship. Let each relationship flow without interrupting declawing or disassembling things that are going on to keep the family unity and the family contentedness going well at all times. Wives don’t declaw your husband’s, and husbands don’t overdo things to get to the point where you need to be declawed.

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