Creating a Culture of Yes


Creating a Culture of Yes

Creating a Culture of Yes

We’re use to no and have it deeply programmed in us as young kids. Parents say “no” a lot and thus when we grow up, we turn into those same parents.

It is really a sense of being protective but overprotection leads to procrastination and an inability to learn. It probably slowly shuts down your creative abilities also.

Eric Schmidt says (in the book How Google Works) you want to establish a culture of yes at your company or business. I say you want to create a culture of yes at your home also.

This will help relationships with children, as it does with coworkers and employees. Saying yes begins things, and it is how things grow.

Schmidt says, “saying yes leads to new experiences, and new experiences will lead you to knowledge and wisdom.” It is an attitude of yes that will allow you to go forward in uncertain times.

Still know when to pull the breaks, but create the culture of yes!

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