Are Your Kids Really That Bad?


Are Your Kids Really That Bad?

Are Your Kids Really That Bad?

Are they really? Last I checked, babies/kids come in with very little. They are genetically programmed to act a certain way thanks to DNA, but that plays a very little role in who they actually become.

It is the parents/guardians job to actually nurture, develop, and mode the child in a good and right direction.

This should be done with, not just daily, but moment to moment teaching and directing, as well as an environment that can assist nurturing and guiding.

Most kids only get the idea of what they do from watching the people (and things) around them and what they do. This means if your child popped a cigarette in their mouth (like my man in the picture) they most likely got it from someone the adulate.

Then we start saying these kids are bad, or “she’s bad,” “he’s terrible,” even when we say it in a fun loving way, we begin the labeling.

We should stop and use different words, like they are “creative,” and “observant!” It is never really the child’s fault until it is their fault.

Start early in your moment to moment monitoring and developing and make the environment one in which these young fellas and fella-rettes can learn and develop in.

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