Be Decently and in Order


Decently and in Order

Decent and in Order

In the book of 1st Corinthians chapter 14, Paul the Apostle said

Let all things be done decently and in order.

The majority of people (even in some of the most well taught churches) completely lose sight on what this means. The Creator is One that does things decently and in order.

This is what the Creator attempts to pass onto us, order. Without order nothing avails. Plenty people with degrees up their backside (no offense) have disorganized minds.

They have disorganized homes, offices, children, goals, just about everything is disorganized. They are not decent people and are not in order as much as they would like to profess or suggest.

How do you get things decently and in order? It begins with a purpose, a mission. What are you attempting to do with your life, your time, the moment, etc.?

Follow the Creator or the Creator’s creation. Sun, moon, and stars, planets and other objects.

The sun rules the day, the moon and stars rule the evening, the planets orbits the sun. Orbit you can say is to submit and revolve your life around another. Could be your spouse, job, business, children…

Obviously, this gets deeper than a 300 word post, but systemize, order, decently, and you’ll find things work better!

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