When Days Become Disasters


When Days Become Disasters

When Days Become Disasters

If you’re in a midst of a disastrous day, I’ve got good news for you. This day was indirectly designed by you, thanks to an old proverb.

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail!” Therefore, when a day or when days become disasters, it is caused by a lack of planning (90%) of the time.

No Duey (you can drop the “y” from Duey you know), I planned my day and one by one, things fell apart when these people just took it over… I’m so hurt.”

I’m sorry. But how did they do that? You had to concede, you had to allow it, and most of the time we do that because we don’t have strong plans, thus we don’t have confidence in the plans, thus someone can overpower your plans and day.

Even if someone hi-jacks your day, if your plans were strong, you’d get interrupted for a moment, but you’d be able to get back to the plans because they were strong and you had focus.

Here is what to do:

At the end of the day, especially when you’re feeling beat up, sit down and write (YES WRITE) three things you’re grateful for and smile about them.

Then write 3 things that MUST be done or accomplished tomorrow. Make them challenging, but not too overbearing.

The common denominator is YOU. You control the day, and days only become disasters when you lose control, and that normally happens when YOU don’t have strong plans.

It is the same with LIFE! Gotta go…

Write down three vital things you want to do today, leave them in the comments section!

Make Excuse for Others But Not Yourself

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