How to Overcome Obstacles


How to Overcome Obstacles!

How to Overcome Obstacles!

It is inevitable that obstacles will always come into play within your life. If you live a life without obstacles, you would be a completely lazy untested person.

Obstacles help you become battle tested. With no obstacles, you would have no motivation because there is nothing you would have to overcome.

So in life we all must learn how to overcome obstacles.

The way to do it is to first have a sound strategy. Sound strategies have an A, B, C route so that if route-A encounters a roadblock, you should be able to switch gears to route-B.

What happens to most people is that they come up with a strategy that only consist of route-A.

When a huge or small obstacle steps in front of route-A, this person is doomed to stop their trip because it appears to them there is no other way.

They are forced to look at the obstacle, which has a way of appearing very dauntingly and bigger than it really is, and in doing this people forget the overall vision and plan they originally had.

Therefore we must remember to look at our strategy more closely and have Plan-B’s and C’s in order to keep moving and overcome obstacles that will come in our path!

What are some worthwhile strategies you’ve used to overcome obstacles?!

What’s Your OST?

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What’s Your OST?


What’s Your OST?

What’s Your OST?

I began reading a book by Alastair Campbell, and I won’t review the book here because I merely began reading it a few days ago.

At any rate, Campbell lays out something that all winners in the world have. They have an OST.

What is OST?

Winners have an objective or popularly known as a goal. With that objective, winners have a strategy to obtain the goal. Most people have goals or objectives, but they do not have sound strategies or a strategy period to get what they want.

Campbell says this is nearly the most vital thing today because knowledge is everywhere. People have access to the same coaches, teachers, mentors, leaders, and everything else that the next man and woman has access to.

What set’s winners from losers is strategy. What’s important about strategy is that it must be written down.

The last thing is tactics. Just because we have a strategy doesn’t mean everything is going to go as planned. This is where tactics come into play. Tactics are thing things you must do to establish the strategy.

I guess, said another way would be the “GPA,” goal, plan, actions. As I get more into the book, maybe I’ll do a review or maybe just give more micro tips for you. Develop your OST today!

The new year is coming upon us, it is a good time to write out a new OST or refine the one you’re currently working on!

Fake Positive People, Positive All the Time!

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Activating Your Power Through Authority


Activating Your Power Through Authority

Activating Your Power Through Authority

Power is organized effort, and it leads to success.

As you go after organized effort, which is power, you will most likely find yourself in a position of asking or needing help from someone who is more powerful than you are at that moment.

When you run into such a case, you must understand the way or the formula of asking for help. Powerful people do not give help to weak beggerly people.

This is what brother James tells in the scripture, to boldly ask for what you want from your Creator and do not come doubtingly or window-washy. James says that such a man will not get anything from God with that type of mindset.

It is perhaps the same reason why such a person will not receive anything from the hands of man, if they come asking in the wrong way. The way to ask for help from someone more powerful than you, lives in your ability to understand the person you’re dealing with and not to confuse what you need from them with their needs.

Robert Greene says in the book Power (p98), that most people never succeed at getting what they want from other powerful people, because they are completely trapped in their own wants and desires.

They begin their quest for what they want by assuming the powerful people they are dealing with are selfless and want to help them. Nobody wants to help you, therefore you must find a way to help their need in order for them to want to help whatever your need is.

This is what we call authority and it will help to activate any power, organized effort, that you need. You need to be authorized and that comes from powerful people by dealing with their needs in order to fulfill yours.

What kind of problems have you faced that got smaller when you saw some of the problems of other people in the world?

Creating the Power of Vision in Your Life

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The Power of Vision in Your Life


The Power of Vision in Your Life

The Power of Vision in Your Life

NEVER underestimate the POWER of having vision. Vision is the ability to see your purpose and your dreams and your desires and your tomorrow, today!

Most people in their life are unable to see beyond their current moment. And when they attempt to see beyond the moment they mistakenly look in the past at the current mishaps or past mishaps their life has presented.

This causes an uncontrollable vicious cycle of living in the past and recycling BAD experiences. It is frustrating and will lead to an unsatisfactory life. If you want to get around this conundrum, you must learn how to have vision and see it very clearly EACH day.

The moment you lose it, is the moment you perish.

Visions begin with the life you daydream about or things you see yourself doing but seem too hard or out there to actually go and do?


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When Days Become Disasters


When Days Become Disasters

When Days Become Disasters

If you’re in a midst of a disastrous day, I’ve got good news for you. This day was indirectly designed by you, thanks to an old proverb.

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail!” Therefore, when a day or when days become disasters, it is caused by a lack of planning (90%) of the time.

No Duey (you can drop the “y” from Duey you know), I planned my day and one by one, things fell apart when these people just took it over… I’m so hurt.”

I’m sorry. But how did they do that? You had to concede, you had to allow it, and most of the time we do that because we don’t have strong plans, thus we don’t have confidence in the plans, thus someone can overpower your plans and day.

Even if someone hi-jacks your day, if your plans were strong, you’d get interrupted for a moment, but you’d be able to get back to the plans because they were strong and you had focus.

Here is what to do:

At the end of the day, especially when you’re feeling beat up, sit down and write (YES WRITE) three things you’re grateful for and smile about them.

Then write 3 things that MUST be done or accomplished tomorrow. Make them challenging, but not too overbearing.

The common denominator is YOU. You control the day, and days only become disasters when you lose control, and that normally happens when YOU don’t have strong plans.

It is the same with LIFE! Gotta go…

Write down three vital things you want to do today, leave them in the comments section!

Make Excuse for Others But Not Yourself

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