Talented People Aren’t Always Happy


Talented People Aren't Always Happy
Talented People Aren’t Always Happy

I saw myself begging someone to use this natural talent they were given. They would modestly push it away and deny themselves use of their talent.

Then I realized or had a thought … if you’re the only one in the world that can fly, you’d be happy, but then the world will corner you and make a show out of you.

You may not cherish this gift because it is too unique!

Get your tickets… get your tickets …

You will get tired of the routine unless you refresh yourself or reinvent yourself. You’ve got all this talent, but you still are not happy.

To the people who don’t realize their talents, they look at talented people who aren’t happy and joyful all the time and say… what’s wrong with you?

They don’t realize that we are all human with the same types of emotions facing the same types of challenges.

The late Robin Williams lets us all know that talented people aren’t always happy. Sometimes, peoples talents, as exciting as they are to us… may be a bore to┬áthem.

It is up to us to stay in control and that includes our emotions!



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One thought to “Talented People Aren’t Always Happy”

  1. This is so true. Sometimes it boggles my mind to see very talented and successful people are happy people at all considering their level of success and financial wealth.


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