The Resist Persist Theory


It is unbecoming to most people (even those of us who know this but some how keep getting drawn into the web of the law) what we resist actually persist in our lives.

Carl Jung, the Swiss Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, brought this to light.

What this is saying is the things in life you resist, that is to say you oppose, run from, go against, or fight, these are the very things that show up in your life in abundance.

Ladies – if you find yourself focusing on saying “I don’t want no scrub,” more than you say, “I want a meaningful great relationship with a great man with values,” chances are the scrub will show up more.

He just may be dressed like the “meaningful value driven man.”

If you focus on debt and bills, DEBT and BILLS show up on time.

If you focus on drama … better believe your life will be better than any reality show on the market.

So how do you fix this?

You have to make conscious efforts and more often than not, you cannot include your immediate surroundings.

Your bank account may tell a story … an empty story … instead of resisting it … accept it and focus on where you want your bank account to be!

The recent violent events in Missouri is also an example. Resist police, resist the brutality, resist the racism, and it persist.

Instead, accept it … and mentally and physically make the changes in thought.

That is thought process and where we focus…

Police may have an agenda for black youth, but we change our thoughts towards police. We can think of officers as what they are suppose to be … protectors and service men and women.

If we treat them that way … and stop them from coming to our communities for the wrong reasons and in the wrong spirit, we wouldn’t need to resist arrest!



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