What Would You Ask a Genie For?


WHAT WOULD YOU ASK A GENIE FOR?Most people don’t even know what it is they really want. We see this poked fun at in TV shows and commercials; a genie will pop up and ask a person what they want… and they will respond something stupid like a lifetime of free hot dogs… and people are like WTF!!!

Did that dude just ask for a lifetime subscription of free hot-dogs?? Yep, his house is unpaid, his car is on the last leg, and this “MoFo” just asked for life time of hot dogs. Well, if the question was asked to the average person, they would have asked for something just as silly because the average person does not know exactly what they want. This is what today’s podcast is about…

Knowing what you want, it is the key to getting what it is you want!

Becoming a Conscious Being


The thing about becoming a conscious being is not exactly what it sounds to be. When you think about being concsious, it can sound spooky or be on that spookery, but really we’re simply talking about being aware of what is going on around you. Being aware of what you really have access to.

When we get caught up in the game of life, the matrix, whatever you want to call it, we lose some of this awareness. We start to look at things the way people present things and what they want us to look at. For example, in the Bible, pick up your King James Version and find the scripture where Eve ate an apple. Next go to the scripture where JESUS was born and read about the “three” wise men who brought gifts (use the KJV).

This is a small example of how the world, the Christian world, has made people to believe something about the Bible that never was part of the early Bible KJV. Those were just two little itty-bitty examples and there are many more. This consciousness goes in many industries, from health, personal development, myths about home business, taboo education about money and savings.

If you’re being lulled along because life is too busy to take a moment and see what the reality is and FIX it or make changes… you’ll be eaten up in your unconscious state. This is what this podcast is about. Unfortunately, to get the full podcast you have to join the newsletter but the first 3 minutes are very interesting also.

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Also, we changed our format of releasing information…we were sending out podcast Monday through Thursdays and sometimes Friday, but we’re going away from that and will continue to provide good quality conscious information, but we’re going to focus on our loyal subscribers first (Life’s a Game to Win Subscribers) because quite frankly, we’re looking to make a big movement in changing the way we do things in society!

Peace and blessings!


Bad Money Ideas Mindset

This podcast is not about bad money ideas as a bad idea for business, bad idea for an investment, bad idea on a purchase of purchase or business purchase. Instead this short podcast is about bad money ideas in your mind. Money ideas in your mind as in the things that you have learned over your childhood and over your adult life that has given you your perception and ideas about money that have shaped the way you view money and your ability to make money or have money.

It is a very interesting concept when you look at the methods in which people make money today. There are two main ways to make money; they are by people working or by money working for you. However the ability to make money resonates in the self image. The way you view yourself is the way you will be able to attract things to you as far as in the law of attraction. If you believe you are the best Bible teacher in the world then you are going to attract the best Bible students, those who are eager to learn the teachings of the Bible.

If you believe you are a great business owner, and that is the image in your mind then you will attract a great business with great customers and great business partners. So this podcast talks about bad money ideas how you can get the bad image of money that you may have in your mind out and replace it with a positive image of money so that you can attract the type of money you really want in your life.

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Bad Money Ideas Podcast

How Has Your Year Been Going? (2013)

How has your year been going? How has the year 2013 been going? If your response is okay, that could be based on how you currently feel. However, can you statistically tell how your year has been going? When you made resolutions early this year, are you still on pace to attaining those goals? If not, now is a great time to figure out why you haven’t, and to get back on the horse to get to your goals.

In today’s podcast, Tuesday’s Personal Development and motivational podcast, I’m talking about how you can regroup if you’ve fallen off and why it is so important to keep track on how you’re doing so you can stay on pace and get to your goals this year.

The first quarter of the year has nearly expired; you CANNOT get this part of the year back. If you’ve done well, great, keep improving. If you have not done as you wish, figure out why and begin to go back to those goals of yours.

Enjoy the podcast, share it with a friend or two, and leave your comments in the comment section. I’d love your feedback and I hope to have added to you today!

Duey DanielsDue Daniels


Knowing Your Field and Affiliate Marketing Strategies


This week’s Money Monday podcast is on knowing the field you’re going into and why and also why and how making money with an affiliate marketing program is very good and helpful to your bottom line. You should be in a field that you want because you enjoy the line of work or because you are happy with the income the job pays.

If a certain level of lifestyle is your goal, then you should go after jobs, careers, vehicles, and businesses that will allow for that income level and lifestyle. You shouldn’t be a nurse if you’re trying to make tons of money; you should be nurse if you enjoy helping people in their sicker and weaker moments, and you enjoy being in a hospital setting.

If making money is the main goal to support a level of lifestyle, get around people who have that level of lifestyle or who work in the industry you enjoy that will match that level of income. This is what this week’s money Monday podcast is about, knowing your field, and how bringing in additional money can be possible by using affiliate marketing strategies.

Enjoy, share with others, and leave comments… peace and blessings!

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Subconscious Poor Health Habits


Today’s podcast features author and natural health advocate Damien McSwine, on the Healthy Wednesday podcast with Due Daniels. Damien joins us all the way from Costa Rica, as he is doing research there on the blue-zone and also for general and natural health purposes.

I’m sure this podcast will edify you and if you are new to natural health, it will open your eyes to world of health. Today’s show is a bit longer than normal as we get into conversations about weight loss, losing weight (the right way), living healthful lives, and how subconsciously we develop poor health habits.

Press Play and Enjoy the Podcast

(audio is not as clear as normal because it is a phone convo – thanks for your understanding)

Damien M

Damien McSwine is a Professional Basketball Athlete having played professionally in over 20 countries, and he has been an avid health researcher, having traveled all around the world picking up the best practices of natural health from people who have longevity and who share their secrets with Damien.

Damien has authored two books, The Ancient 20, and The Top 50 Reasons People Fail to Lose Weight and Live Healthful Lives! To get more information on Damien McSwine, you can visit his website at Private Eye Health or his YouTube Channel!

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Books By Damien McSwine

Take a Freaking Break When You’re Confused


One of the more difficult things to do in our lives is to admit when we are wrong. There is a wide case of incidents where people keep going down the wrong path because they won’t admit to a fault. You have to admit when you’re confused and if you are confused you should take a break and pull away from the event or objective and refocus.

What to Do When Confused?


In today’s podcast Daniels talks about how and why we need to take a break from the action when we are at a point of confusion. People like to continue and force the issue instead of regrouping and coming back stronger and better. Confusion only slows you down and could destroy you.

When you are not confused, you can move faster, think better, and get to your objectives quicker. Taking action becomes very simple when you who do not have confusion in your brain that causes hesitancy. It is similar to taking a trip and “kind of” knowing where you are going and knowing where you are going.

“Kind of” knowing where you are going will leave you driving slower and you’re going to stop more often for help assistance and things of that nature. Knowing where you’re going you can go straight shot and get their only needing to stop for breathers and gasoline. So enjoy today’s podcast leave your comments and any other things you like to leave and do not forget to join our newsletter for our life is a game to win information thank you in advance God bless!