What Makes People Lazy


What Makes People Lazy

What Makes People Lazy
We’re not getting lazier, we’re getting smarter!

From the average guy to the average business restaurant or household, people get lazier because the brain likes less work.

The body gets use to working less and idea or notion that no one dies immediately for being lazy keeps people at it. Ultimately, things work (for a while) even in people are super laziness.

Restaurants salt your food or sugar it up unhealthily and business shove lazy promotional marketing down your throat all because most people are lazy and in like manner so are those types of restaurant and business owners.

And because most people been desensitized to these lazy methods, these lazy method providers have to add more salt, more sugar, more lousy marketing, and more lousy customer service until there is a rebellion (also known as a transformation).

What is the solution to this problem?

If you’re awake mentally and spiritually as the restaurant owner, business owner, husband, wife, child, teacher, or whatever you are; make an earnest effort to avoid the shortcut. Take the long route, don’t bend the corners, and for the Creator’s sake surround yourself with people who insist on taking the long route too.What Makes People Lazy

What Makes People LazyThis is a long term view of life playing amidst a bunch of people who are only looking forward to eating today! Just want to thank Seth Godin for the shortcut today 🙂

Of course if you need help with this, feel free to contact us!

Clarity the Key to Your Success

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Why People Aren’t Buying Your Products


Why People Aren’t Buying Your Products

Why People Aren't Buying Your Products

Although this post belongs in the ears and eyes of business, product, or service owners; think about it in your personal life as well.

Sometimes people aren’t buying your friendship, your courtship, your personality or attitude. However, if people aren’t buying your products it really comes down to a couple of things.

The obvious is awareness, but once we get past awareness, and they aren’t running in with money and running out with your stuff it is because they don’t BELIEVE, LOVE, or CARE for it enough.

Starting with believe; they don’t believe you. Your passion is not in it or your knowledge base is not where it needs to be.

They don’t love it. Another product on their way home can do the trick.

They don’t care! You haven’t communicated articulately, emotionally, or enough to make them care or point out why they should care.

This is why people aren’t buying your products. Seth Godin said, “the only things we spend time and money on are things that we believe are worth more than they cost.”

Are your products doing that? If not make the changes.

Are you doing that as a person in your relationship with others? This could be why you’re single or in relationships you don’t like.

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Write them Down!


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There Are No Shortcuts to Success Except


There Are No Shortcuts to Success Except

Most people don’t want to realize this, but the reality is that there are no shortcuts to success.  Some argue there are, like getting a great resourceful business partner, getting inherited money to start or further your business… the real shortcut is in what and who you know.

What you know will come from books and people!

Who you know will come from books and people!

You’ll need a mentor and you’ll need to be fully educated in the fields you plan to go into, but you’ll also need to be educated in other fields. This is what this video is about, there are no shortcuts to success except to simulate as much as you can by learning from other people!

there are no shortcuts to success

Is that alright? GOOD!

Leave me a comment about how being around a certain person or reading a certain book has helped you shortcut a process or difficulty in your life.

If People Aren’t Listening to You… Try This!


Forgive and Allow Self to Be Forgiven – Day 8


Welcome to day 8 of the turn your life around in 30 days challenge. Today we are going to do something that will help lighten the load of our mental landscape and make moving forward much easier and better.

We are going to mend all broken or idle and scared relationships and begin the process of healing those relationships. In other words… we are going to forgive and allow ourselves to be forgiven. This is not the easiest task in the world. Some of us have people we have wronged, and we have people who have wronged us.

We have people who have “hurt us to the core” and it may be difficult to really forgive them. This actually will hold us back from enjoying more of the success that lies ahead of us. We must full heartedly forgive all people, no matter the wrong they have done to us.

This does not mean you and that person are all of the sudden best of friends… instead it simply means you have let go of the pain they caused you… you have let go of the resentment you had for them… you have forgiven yourself and them.

Perhaps you have a relationship that is sitting idle – you can go engage in it to be sure they don’t have the idea you have abandoned them. The apologies and forgiveness is to go towards all people…

  • Mother
  • Father
  • Sister
  • Brother
  • Friend
  • Cousin

It does not matter… offer them the same apology you would anyone close to you and allow yourself to be forgiven. As long as you make the effort, it will be accepted. The key is to be sincere, and the only way to be sincere is to really come into the general understanding that no one would hurt you consciously know they were doing that. The reason is because in life… what you put out is what you get back. Therefore, no one would with clear understanding hurt you understanding that they are ultimately hurting themselves also.

So forgive and be forgiven and clean out that room of hate, vengeance, and evil in your heart and leave that room completely empty so it is not a burden to move forward.

A good tip to practice this is to do a fake Oprah show… go onto a show where you confront the person that hurt you and describe to them (imaginary them) how they hurt you and let them know you forgive them. This will help you do it with less emotion when you or if you ever get in front of them to do this.

Homework assignment: spiritually forgive… that is do it in your mind. NEXT do it physically by reaching out to those who hurt you and also reaching out to those you hurt and ask to be forgiven.

Tomorrow we’re going to dig a little deeper… in one of the greatest subjects of our physical lives!

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Listening to Positive Audio – Day 7 of 30


It’s not everyday that someone gives you a positive pep talk… sometimes you have to give yourself one or better yet become the person who gives the positive pep talk. How can you give a positive pep talk if you’re full of negativity. You can give a positive pep talk unless you’ve filled your mind with positive things to say.

The idea here is to get around positive people so that you have positive things to offer people and more importantly, you become an instrument of positivity. You begin to vibrate on a high level of positivity. You can only do this when you have locked into allowing positive things into your mind. You can always tell how positive you are by all the positive results or things happening in your life.

Avoid your normal naysayers, news bringers, gossipers, and people with very little to offer you as far as enhancing your life. Don’t cut them off, but be a coach and lower their minutes until they are complete bench riders. Eventually, they will quit your team, I mean the team. Instead of them, get around positive people; one of the easiest ways to do this is to buy them. Get tapes on Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, and Napoleon Hill and listen to those as you go about your day.

Many thought provoking things will come about your life!

Due Daniels

Turning Your Life Around in 30 Days – Day 6 – Build Brain Cells


Today we’re going to take another step towards improving the outset of our lives by doing something most people believe can’t be done. Most people view this as unimaginable… it is simply build more brain cells by getting more ideas to help ignite movement towards our goals.


How do you build brain cells and develop the mind with the mindset to have success with your current goals? You have to read books. You have to get insight from people who are doing the things you want to do. So at some point you have to put down the Harry Potter books and pick up a book that will be more constructive in pushing you towards your goals.

Build Brain Cells

This would mean you get personal development books, books that teach you how to do your objective, how someone else accomplished your objectives, how to get the confidence to go after your objectives, and things along these lines. It is how you build your dream and vision, if you get yourself up and meet with these people via their books and courses and learn.

Here are some recommended books from the video:

Start with these and read each for a maximum of a month, but then reread them at least three times. Rereading these books at least three times do something to your mind… but you have to have the discipline to read them three times. So let’s say you read Think and Grow Rich the first week. The second week, you read You Were Born Rich, and then week three, you read the Book of Proverbs.

Week four, you pick up Think and Grow Rich again, and this time take good notes and blog about what you’re learning and share it. Week five, read You Were Born Rich, and do the same, blog and share… and week six, read Proverbs, blog and share what you’ve learned and how it has enhanced your life. This will build so many brain cells for you and do some magic in your life. Nevertheless, do this three times through before you read another book.

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Turn Your Life Around in 30 Days – Day 5 – Being Grateful


Being Grateful

This is a breather day in turning your life around in 30 days by revisiting the things we’re thankful for. Write out the things you’re thankful for and always be thankful for them.

Continuing in the mode of success, we’re onto day 5 of the “turn your life around in 30 days,” with step by steps given by Due Daniels, a guy who turned his life around in 30 days… and he’s practically giving the 30 day step formula he used to do this successfully.

Today we want to incorporate something people don’t do everyday. At best, they will do this once a week and that is if their pastor preaches on this topic to them. It is being grateful for at least three things or people on a daily basis. It is best that you write it out and  read it so that it … sinks into your heart, that is your subconscious mind.

So this is a short video, but it is one of the most important ones we have. Do the homework assignment, and we’ll see you tomorrow for day six. Peace and blessings

Due Daniels

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