Michael Jordan Early Life and Having Good Timing


Michael Jordan Early Life and Having Good Timing

Hey this is part 1 of a book read on the book titled Michael Jordan The Life by Roland Lazenby. Anytime you read anything about a great athlete or person who has accomplished great things in this life, it is always rewarding because you’ll leave with a lot of nuggets that help you in some area of your life.Michael Jordan The Life Book Cover

The original book read talk is about 30 minutes, so I chopped it up, but I’ll send the entire thing to you if you’re on the 72 hour book reads newsletter, or you can wait till it is uploaded onto our YouTube channel soon (by the way subscribe to the channel).

Get a copy of this very thick book on Amazon or hustle over to your local library and snag it up.

Peace and see you for part 2 in a couple of days.

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