Michael Jordan Early Life and Having Good Timing


Michael Jordan Early Life and Having Good Timing

Hey this is part 1 of a book read on the book titled Michael Jordan The Life by Roland Lazenby. Anytime you read anything about a great athlete or person who has accomplished great things in this life, it is always rewarding because you’ll leave with a lot of nuggets that help you in some area of your life.Michael Jordan The Life Book Cover

The original book read talk is about 30 minutes, so I chopped it up, but I’ll send the entire thing to you if you’re on the 72 hour book reads newsletter, or you can wait till it is uploaded onto our YouTube channel soon (by the way subscribe to the channel).

Get a copy of this very thick book on Amazon or hustle over to your local library and snag it up.

Peace and see you for part 2 in a couple of days.

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Health Development Key to Success


How to Develop or Rekindle Passions

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In the world today it can be difficult to keep your passions going every single day. On certain days you will wake up with less excitement to do your work than other days. In these times it is important to re-Kindle or restart your passions. Even if it’s for your job or career you have to light that fire every single day.

You have to learn to keep the fire going so that you can keep your passions going so that you can get to your goals. It is not always going to be easy, some days you will feel like you should quit or you will feel that you don’t need to be doing all of the work you are doing. I go through this myself every single day. However sometimes you just have to revisit why you are doing something.

This is why it is very important to have a big reason why you are trying to do something or trying to accomplish something. And when you do, you can rekindled those passions by digging deep into your wife.

Another thing that you can do is what I discussed in the video and that is to revisit old passions and have them spark excitement or meaning in your life. For instance, if you grew up like me, a big Michael Jordan watcher, then you would go and watch old Michael Jordan highlight tapes or your favorite games of MJ. This will get the juices flowing and it might just get you excited again.

When you get the excitement then you should transfer it to what your current goals are and continue on your pace to get to where you want to go.


Peace and blessings

Knowing What You Want In Life


It is not always easy to know what you want to do. Sometimes you have to put careful thought into thinking about it before it will come to you. Nevertheless, it is vital to do and know to have optimal success in life. Many people wander from thing to thing all because they simply do not know what it is they are supposed to be doing with their life. Others stay dormant in a regular comfortable, but uncomfortable station in life.

Knowing what you want in life takes deliberate thought. It takes thinking; and the thinking is to come to grips with what you do best, and what you enjoy most. I know there are many things we enjoy doing, but which gives you the most satisfaction and joy? If it can be monetized, which nearly everything can be monetized today, then you should go the heck for it.

The best methods to bringing this to past is to find jobs that do what you absolute enjoy doing and going to work for them. You’ll like what you’re doing and you can begin to learn the ropes so that you can make a bit of a resume for yourself and learn the operations to set in motion doing it for yourself one day.

If it does not pay well, the thing that you love, you have to find a way to make it pay well. If it absolutely won’t pay well, then you have to fall back on the thing you can do easiest (that pays). The reason you want to focus on what comes easier for you is not to be lazy; so do not get me wrong here. It is to be able to work at it even harder.

Michael Jordan worked extremely hard in both basketball and baseball, but which did he excel at more? Basketball because his God-given talents in that sport came easier to him than the forced talent of baseball.

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Creative Visualization and Multi Millionaires

Creative Visualization and Multi Millionaires
Creative Visualization is Separate from Meditation

When I was a little boy I knew absolutely nothing about creative visualization besides the visualization all kids do. I would call it pretending; I’d pretend I was something else or someone else and that would be the extent of it.

This was primarily stronger during the days leading up to high school and in high school it took on a totally different form. As an adult I’ve learned that creative visualization and multi millionaires have a bit in common. Wealthy people are creative visualizers and I’ll tell you why before the end of this article.

Creative Visualization and Multi Millionaires

While I was in high school, I began to have this burning desire to be good at something. I loved basketball and I decided I would be the best basketball player in my town or neighborhood. To accomplish this I had to work harder than all the other kids. I had to practice things so they wouldn’t show up as weaknesses. I had to keep in the best shape.

However, I soon realized that I was missing one special ingredient in making myself the best. I was not being creatively visual in what I wanted my intention or final outcome to become. Without being showed how or without learning it from a guru (remember then we didn’t have internet or social media); I would pull out the old VHF tapes of Come Fly with Me, by Michael Jordan and watch.

After I watched the tape, which I watch nearly every day, I would go sit in a room by myself and visualize playing against my high school foes, my high school teammates, and against other NBA professionals. I would have creative visualization of Michael Jordan’s moves but instead of Mike doing them, I would see myself doing the moves. Once I was able to see MYSELF doing the moves instead of Mike, something MAGICAL would happen the next day I played basketball.

The Use of Creative Visualization and Multi Millionaires Correlation

I would be able to go out on the court and do the exact move or moves I was visualizing the other day. It was amazing and it fascinated me. I was onto something on the basketball court, because unfortunately it took me 15 years to translate or transfer this same power to other areas in life.

One thing was and is for sure, I knew that if I creatively visualized myself doing something, I could in actuality go out and perform it. Today, that is an amazing tool I have and have relearned and even perfected in my work, career, family, and relationships. I recently learned this is what high performers all over the world do or utilize.

This is why creative visualization and multi millionaires usually go hand-in-hand. These ultra successful men and women (shew…even children now days) use this to realize their thoughts (dreams). In fact we all use it, some just use it more constructively and purposefully than others. Have you ever heard yourself say, “I just can’t see myself doing that.”

Creative Visualization and Multi Millionaires
Dream Bigger 

Your conscious mind purposely did not want you to take part in whatever you had been presented to you and actively told you not to visualize that at all. If you can’t visualize it, it is nearly impossible to do.

Creative Visualization and Multi Millionaires Mindset

The next time you are called to task, remember to take the time to see it through, take the time to find the purpose, and use your creativity. Take action once you are able to clearly have the vision of it and go full throttle. Creative visualization and multi millionaires are a common thread, you can be a multi millionaire by simply ramping up your visualization skills.


Due Daniels

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How To Be A Work At Home Mom

Work At Home Mom

moms work at home
Work at Home Mom

Hey there, today’s article is for the ladies… some women just want to be Michael Jordan… they want to win their six titles to show they could win and how good they were at winning. Then from there it is back to the things that mean the most.

By this I mean they get a job to show they are every bit as capable as a man (which women are) but then the ‘settle down and have a family’ bug comes in and they want to spend that quality time with their little bundles of joy. However in today’s world, we don’t just need two income households, we darn near need FIVE in today’s society!!

So to be a work at home mom becomes a viable choice for these mothers to pursue… this article should give some how-to for work at home jobs and more preferably a work a home business!

There is a lot that a work at home mom has to smile about as compared to her counterparts in away from home jobs. To add on this, more avenues keep opening up for those who want to join this happy bandwagon. Take a look at these tips and enjoy your search for the best job ever.

Many moms have found it totally difficult to be as productive as they were before. Their seniors and workmates keep discouraging them and increasing work pressure. An example of this is the case of expectant women. Companies like giving them maternity breaks as soon as possible.

 How To Be A Work At Home Mom

For mothers with little babies at weaning stage, it is no better. They are torn between the option of taking care of their babies and keeping their jobs. It is very expensive sometimes, to pay for daycare and worse still when there is a reliable job at home job waiting for you out there.

Talking of reliability, this is one attribute you have to attach to the job that as a mom, you want to do from home. Ensure that you select a job that easily fits into the shoes of your current occupation, if any. This way, you will be working at an advantage.

Always keep in mind that the job you settle upon is one you cannot strain in order to be productive. Be sure that it is something you can easily adapt to and produce as much output as possible. You should also be able to find time for other chores while you work at your best.Work from Home Moms

One thing to ensure comfort while working is the duration of work. Ensure that there are no strict hours of work, for your convenience and if any, just a short time that you can manage. You can use weekly timing such as 30 hours per week etc, to select the right job or business opportunity for you.

Performing your own research on the most credible jobs or opportunities and best paying ones, is a wise move. Go to online sites and look at forums and also ask those who already do the jobs. Home jobs have to provide time for other things, as this is the major idea behind them.

A perfect way of carrying out your research would be crowned by making direct contacts via calls or emails. You are most likely going to avoid working with scam companies, following this route. Within a short while, you are going to be a happy mom, with healthy and happy kids, and a good income too.


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