Mantras to the Cool


Cool headed people systematically have a slower process of frustration build up so when people do bad things to them, they can easily disregard it and move on.

Mantras for the CoolHot headed people are not as systematically built.

Especially in a world where snapping on someone is so glorified on media and other outlets… you remember grade school, the shouts of …


So for the hot headed, one thing you can borrow or keep, from cool headed slow to anger, mild tempered individual, is a built in mantra that you say to yourself when a very challenging confrontation presents itself.

It could be as simple as asking yourself a question.

“What is the best response to this situation?”

The mere asking yourself that question FORCES you to think before you respond.

You may ask yourself …

“Am I going to hire the lawyer first or will they hire the lawyer first?”

The first one to the lawyer is usually the person suing the other. The second person needs defense!

Play with any question as your mantra or remind yourself of things… like when you are dealing with your kids…

“They are growing and will make mistakes, let me correct them in the best manner for their edification and growth.”

This beats slapping people in the face and being sorry about it later.



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