Specialized Knowledge and Favors


It is normal to have a couple friends who unintentionally or intentionally use your specialized knowledge for free because they are always asking … “what do I do if this happens…” or “what should I do next?”

Specialized Knowledge and FavorsYou can find yourself giving tons of free advice in the form of favors. You may do people favors all the time, and the build up is that they should return your type of favor. It is a normal assumption… I mean if I’m always watching your kids, I assume, if I need a favor, you got me.

Right? Well…

The reality is most friends will probably let you down. So I’m telling you now, don’t end the friendship or smash the relationship in pieces because of this. Just understand, this is how people are… self focused, self interest.

Now in regards to having specialized knowledge, I was told to only give away what you want, but if someone ask you of knowledge in which you specialize in, you should set up an appointment.

This does a couple things:

  1. It lets them know this may cost them money!
  2. It lets them know they must respect your time in this area in which they request your specialized knowledge.

Doing things this way clears a lot of assumption and “blackjack” tradeback favors you may think you are owed.



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