Confusing Wishful Thinking with Belief


Confusing Wishful Thinking with Belief

Confusing Wishful Thinking with Belief

In Dr. Schwartz book, the Magic of Thinking Big, there is a section where the author talks about people who are confusing wishful thinking with belief.

When we do this, we on the surface affirm we are thinking because it become our goal, but beneath the surface (shout out to the Gza), we are only wishing it comes true.

Want to know how to know you are only wishing and that you don’t believe? It is actually really simple. You simply quote a famous Bible verse that says, “faith without works is dead!”

When you bring this to remembrance, you’ll see that if you have belief, you are taking an action on your belief everyday. If you are merely wishing, you aren’t taking any actions or you do so sparringly.

Don’t confuse wishful thinking with belief, you now know how to self examine yourself!

What’s something you’ve been wishfully thinking will happen, but didn’t believe. Leave your examples in the comments section. Thanks!

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Help My Lack of Faith

If you ask the average Christian if they believe or have faith in God, you’d get a resounding YES, “well of course I do,” they would respond.

Then you could ask them if there is something in their life they don’t have, yet they know they easily could have if they petition their God for it.

Most people would respond “yes, there are few things I don’t have yet they are right there for me to grab…” yet they don’t.

Why don’t they?

Here it comes… they don’t believe they can have it. These “faithful” Christians (or any other religion) can believe in many things except their ability… their God’s ability to do something for them.

  • It may not be the time…
  • We have to wait on the Lord…
  • God’s timing…

All the phrases that work as alibis and excuses… Why do I say that?

…because we could ask have they prayed for it… have they gone into deep devotion for whatever it is they want? Are they still actively working towards it? Maybe not…

In Mark chapter 9 there were these set of verses…

23 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

24 And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.

If you can believe, all things are possible to him (or her) that believes. Belief is to have total faith and expectancy of a thing.

The man who Jesus was speaking with was in tears like many Christians are in tears… because they know it can be done… but they don’t know how to know it will be done!

So what do you do at this point?

You ask or pray for more faith. For the ability to have even more faith than you do… and this comes only by focusings with intensity on the end result of the thing you desire.

Giving Yourself a Fair Shot

In life and different endeavors we take on, we normally do not give ourselves a fair shot. Giving yourself a fair shot is the make or break in most situations. The secret to giving yourself the best possible shot at success with an endeavor is to have faith in yourself, to focus on the desired outcome, and to be consistent with your actions.

If you’ve ever used or heard the phrase, “I’m going to try it out for a bit and see what it does,” then you already know that you are starting out under water. You’re not going to give yourself a fair shake. If you can’t see what you want before you take on the endeavor, you won’t see it in the future either. I remember in college at a basketball practice, one of my good friends and teammates said to me after I’d hoisted up a shot that I didn’t even try to make the shot. “You didn’t even try to make that shot,” he said.

Giving Yourself a Fair Shot

As I thought about it, I didn’t really. I was just shooting for the motion of shooting. We have to start taking everything serious that we want to accomplish, and stop shooting just to shoot, and start shooting to score and win. Give yourself a fair shot, a great chance at success by going at everything with full effort!

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