What Drives the Conflict


What Drives the Conflict

What Drives the Conflict

Most of us don’t act out for no reason, we have something that drives the conflicts we end up in, in life.

Psychologists often refer this to us trying to meet some underlying need we had unmet as we grew up as little children in our families.

We never know what it is, the need to be loved, approved, accepted, whatever we have something that may drive the conflict. If it is not you, your spouse may have it.

Regardless, you must face it and embrace it. For Christians, embrace it and know that it can only be met in your new family of God.

As the Master said, those who do the will of God are my “mother” “brothers” and “sisters,” and this is who you’ll have to go to to fill in that need. What’s most important is to find out what the need is that is driving the conflict in your life.

As always, if you need help with this, feel free to contact me.

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