Necessity of Constant Elevation


Necessity of Constant Elevation

Necessity of Constant Elevation

The 90s supreme rap group GraveDiggaz (named after the idea of digging people out of mental graves), had a quote that went like this:

Positive education activates constant elevation…

I loved it and quit my job a drug pusher in the mean streets I grew up in. Just kidding, I never pushed drugs and I didn’t grow up in mean streets. My streets were often rude, but not mean.

At any-rate, I revisited the idea of the necessity of constant elevation after seeing this quote by Napoleon Hill, where he says, he would rather begin at the bottom and climb to the top, than to start at the top and have to remain there.

So would I.

The thrill of going from nothing to something is one of the most exciting rides you can find. If you were blessed to born into an affluent family, it is not over for you. There are many things you can venture in to challenge yourself and see what you’re made of.

Obviously, if you were born into a wealthy family, someone in your family line went from nothing to something; so it is in you. Keep climbing because it drives the life force in you. Stagnant people die off unfortunately, so continue to elevate


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Knowledge Wisdom Understanding

knowledge wisdom understanding

Knowledge Wisdom Understanding

It use to be in the good ole days people sought knowledge wisdom and understanding of things. We still do, but a lot of our quest has been diverted to things that shine, blink, or make us feel good.

Is this totally bad?

Not exactly, it is great to have a little fun or excitement in your life… especially if chasing or acquiring knowledge wisdom and understanding is not as fun and exciting as it is for people like myself.

The video below is a video where I talk about it from a song by the artist “Rza” who was part of the Wu-Tang Clan, had a song called Twelve Jewelz!

There is an order in acquiring these and these allow or lead you to attain or have things you want, help you to be who you want, and allow you to do the things you want. Peace, I hope you can use this in life, get ready, there is a part two coming up.

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