No Such Thing as Something For Free


No Such Thing as Something For Free

No Such Thing as Something For Free

Quiet as it is kept, there is no such thing, animal, or person known as “something for free or nothing.”

It does not exist.

“Yes it is Due, I got a free sandwich today, and the other day my cousin gave me $100 after he won the lottery for $500,000. All free Due, all free!”

The only problem with this is that the free sandwich was paid for by who gave it, your $100 was paid for my your cousin, and the $500K was paid for by all the losers of the lottery.

Anytime anyone gets something for nothing, trust and know that someone already paid for it.

On the other side of this, remember, with this understanding, you get precisely what you pay for, and it matters not if we’re talking about a iPhone or a pair of shoelaces. Quality will always represent itself in price and function.

What is something you got for free and found out someone else paid for it!

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