The Brilliance of Age Over Youth


The Brilliance of Age Over Youth

The Brilliance of Age Over Youth

I was at a Bulls game in 1998; my collegiate teammates and I were granted tickets by our university to a Milwaukee Bucks game versus the world champion Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

The game was in Milwaukee. We were in town playing against the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and we were granted this special treat.

I remember this being my first Bulls game ever and my only time witnessing Michael Jordan live. I wanted him to have one of those 50 point nights. Instead, Michael only finished with like 28 or so point (notice 28 is an “only” for Michael, but a career night for a typical player today).

I wasn’t disappointed but I did want at least to have some of the magic from the man Michael Jordan.

Towards the end of the game he goes baseline on Walter Ray Allen and dunks over Armon Gilliam. I felt like I was at a Michael Jackson concert, the electricity of seeing Michael do one of his signature dunks went through the Milwaukee city.

A few plays later he gets the ball in the post and spins off of Walter Ray Allen and does his signature reverse layup and I went crazy again.

I found this video online and of course had to share it because Walter Ray Allen was a rookie in the NBA and Jordan was in his last year. However, the age and brilliance of Michael was able to sustain the youth and power of Ray Allen.

This is why the world is ran by the elders. The elders have the experience to counter the power, the enthusiasm and the strength of the youth. Is this a knock against the youth?

Of course not!

This is a knock against nobody except for those who wish to work alone. We must work together, the aged and the youth to sustain this world. Now, enjoy the Michael Jordan classic video!

BBallers, who was surprised at Ray Allen holding his own against MJ and the Bulls?

The Straight-A Conspiracy Theory



Show Me What You Can Do!


Show Me What You Can Do!

Show Me What You Can Do!

The thing is you will attract to you people who harmonize with your own philosophy of life, and you’ll do this whether you want to or not.

This is why it is vital to focus and inundate your mind with what your primary goal is in life or on a given project. This way, you attract people who are in harmony with your goal that will help, NOT, hinder you.

And this leads to the ever important part of life people often forget to do; that is “to do.” Too often, people get into telling the world what they believe they can do, and probably what they very well can do.

They tell so much, they forget to show.

Michael Jordan heard the chatter, “no scoring champion will ever be a league champion.” MJ thought it possible, but thinking something possible is only the beginning of the trip.

It is the actions of doing and proving it that will last forever.

“The Arnold,” was told “no bodybuilder turn movie star who posed in his undies will get into a meaningful political office.” Schwarzenegger thought differently and validated his thoughts by showing people rather than telling.

As Napoleon Hill said, “do not tell the world what you can do, show it!

What is it you will show the world? Leave a comment below for accountability sake, not to tell us you can do it, we already believe you can!

Difference in Poor Countries and Rich Ones

#duedaniels Show Me What You Can Do

One Insult Worth a Billion Dollars


One Insult Worth a Billion Dollars

Michael Jordan was insulted by his pops the late James Jordan once, and it is estimated by the author of Michael Jordan The Life that it inspired Michael to be SUPER GREAT. James Jordan, while asking Michael to pass tools to him while working on the car, as Michael made errors, Mr. Jordan told Michael, he be better off going inside with the women (referring to his sisters and mom).

Michael didn’t take that the best way, and as Roland Lazenby put it in the book, Michael spent a lifetime proving to his dad that he was masculine enough. This is how one insult was worth a billion dollars, because MJ was recently reported to be worth a billion dollars.

Michael Jordan The Life Book CoverPeople use pain to get through things. MJ’s Hall of Fame speech was loaded with pain and motivation to win, the fame UK singer Adele used the pain from a relationship breakup to BANG into the scene, and we can do the same!

What pain do you have that you can use as motivation. Hey, one insult worth a billion dollars, one of yours could be worth a million.

Having Good Timing


How to Develop or Rekindle Passions

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In the world today it can be difficult to keep your passions going every single day. On certain days you will wake up with less excitement to do your work than other days. In these times it is important to re-Kindle or restart your passions. Even if it’s for your job or career you have to light that fire every single day.

You have to learn to keep the fire going so that you can keep your passions going so that you can get to your goals. It is not always going to be easy, some days you will feel like you should quit or you will feel that you don’t need to be doing all of the work you are doing. I go through this myself every single day. However sometimes you just have to revisit why you are doing something.

This is why it is very important to have a big reason why you are trying to do something or trying to accomplish something. And when you do, you can rekindled those passions by digging deep into your wife.

Another thing that you can do is what I discussed in the video and that is to revisit old passions and have them spark excitement or meaning in your life. For instance, if you grew up like me, a big Michael Jordan watcher, then you would go and watch old Michael Jordan highlight tapes or your favorite games of MJ. This will get the juices flowing and it might just get you excited again.

When you get the excitement then you should transfer it to what your current goals are and continue on your pace to get to where you want to go.


Peace and blessings