Mentors for Personal Development


Mentors for Personal Development

What is personal development? In life you are a product of development since birth. Depending on your environment, parents (genetics), and the information you record, it is all programming you. You will ultimately development into the end-product of those three things.

If your upbringing is poor, don’t fret; you can reprogram yourself or redevelop yourself. Education is the key; the thing is we sometimes were under illusions of what education meant or is. Development is not all education. Development is the mixture of education and applicable habits and paradigms.

A mentor can be crucial in your personal development.

If you’d like mentorship coaching or a personal counselor, you can apply for an interview to explore our program or get recommendations for mentors in the fields you seek.

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There Are No Shortcuts to Success Except


There Are No Shortcuts to Success Except

Most people don’t want to realize this, but the reality is that there are no shortcuts to success.  Some argue there are, like getting a great resourceful business partner, getting inherited money to start or further your business… the real shortcut is in what and who you know.

What you know will come from books and people!

Who you know will come from books and people!

You’ll need a mentor and you’ll need to be fully educated in the fields you plan to go into, but you’ll also need to be educated in other fields. This is what this video is about, there are no shortcuts to success except to simulate as much as you can by learning from other people!

there are no shortcuts to success

Is that alright? GOOD!

Leave me a comment about how being around a certain person or reading a certain book has helped you shortcut a process or difficulty in your life.

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