How to Improve Your Self Image in 5 Minutes


How to Improve Your Self Image in 5 Minutes

How to Improve Your Self Image in 5 Minutes

Cybernetics is a science you need to understand in great detail. It is the keys to the kingdom Jesus Christ spoke about.

They are related to paradigms. Putting self-image, cybernetics, and paradigms together and understanding them as it relates to your results in life will make a radical difference in your life.

They work regardless if you are aware of them or believe them or not. They are much like gravity. Cybernetics and paradigms are both control systems and operate essentially on the same principle.

Both maintain a definite course of action and will not deviate from the course that has been established. You must alter the paradigm to achieve the RESULTS you desire.

You have to read this in slow motion and a few times over to understand what I just quoted! Enjoy the video and enjoy more of Bob Proctor’s teaching.

If you want more details on this, watch more Bob Proctor or you can contact us!

Uncle Drew Living the Basketball Dream

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Show Me What You Can Do!


Show Me What You Can Do!

Show Me What You Can Do!

The thing is you will attract to you people who harmonize with your own philosophy of life, and you’ll do this whether you want to or not.

This is why it is vital to focus and inundate your mind with what your primary goal is in life or on a given project. This way, you attract people who are in harmony with your goal that will help, NOT, hinder you.

And this leads to the ever important part of life people often forget to do; that is “to do.” Too often, people get into telling the world what they believe they can do, and probably what they very well can do.

They tell so much, they forget to show.

Michael Jordan heard the chatter, “no scoring champion will ever be a league champion.” MJ thought it possible, but thinking something possible is only the beginning of the trip.

It is the actions of doing and proving it that will last forever.

“The Arnold,” was told “no bodybuilder turn movie star who posed in his undies will get into a meaningful political office.” Schwarzenegger thought differently and validated his thoughts by showing people rather than telling.

As Napoleon Hill said, “do not tell the world what you can do, show it!

What is it you will show the world? Leave a comment below for accountability sake, not to tell us you can do it, we already believe you can!

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The Power of Fear Over Your Life


The Power of Fear Over Your Life

The Power of Fear Over Your Life
They Grow Bigger Than Kids

TuPac said in a scene in a movie, “if you are scared, then say you are scared!” We won’t go into the details of the scene, but acknowledgement of fear is rarely done because it happens so suddenly.

It can happen like a bolt or jolt of lightening and Bob Proctor called it the terror barrier. When we get to doing something new, this sensation of fear takes over so swiftly and sometimes indiscreetly that we simply don’t know it.

We (our brain and body) begin to make clever excuses of what is going on and why we are no longer taking action.

Example: I wrote a book back in 2012, a friend wanted to proof it, and before they got to page 20, they told me they had to stop because my english was just too TERRIBLE!

I was moved to paralyzed state on the project because I’d put my energy in it and those words coming from a friend was a great energy zapper.

This was even after having it edited professionally. I know my english is not the best, but I thought, I’m focused on the content. Nevertheless, the friends words prevailed and all I could think about is everyone stopping at page 10 or 20 saying the same thing.

The fear held me back and needless to say, the book was never published. That is the power of fear over your life. Fear can and will make you think you’re not good enough. It’ll make you think you have nothing to say and no questions to ask.

Fear makes us LOSE our temper and get violently angry at our brothers and sisters. Fear makes us stop other people from doing a good deed in the world.

Fear doesn’t like people who don’t look or act like us, makes us fit in and go with the status quo, and it does all of this under the guise of making us think we’re making an educated logical decision.

If you’re ever doubting something, especially something you were once so sure of, look for fear, he is sure to be close by.

Of course if you need help with fear and how to overcome it in situations in your life, feel free to contact us!

Digging Towards Your Goals Eliminates Fear (Listen)

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Looking at Life Through a Funeral


Looking at Life Through a Funeral



Flowers, funeral service, a kid's in the coffin
It sounds so familiar, don't it happen so often?
The shoot-out shit happens, the sister read the eulogy
Couldn't help but think, "Nigga better you than me"
Trey-eight ain't got no safety, that bullet got no name on it
But it's hard to miss when that thang got a beam on it
First shot pop off, e'rybody poppin
Shot the glass at the store front, we forgot God was watchin
Run run, hit the gate, D's yellin "Drop it"
Niggaz gettin jammed up; better that than a jammed-up
His momma said a few words to her, "He was innocent"
She might've heard he did some shit but never saw no benefits
So in her eyes, he's mommy's lil' baby
But he was outside, talkin to niggaz crazy
In a room full of people came to pay their respect
I just came to get a close look at a nigga to check
That nigga dead as a doorknob, stiff as a nail
And my man, tomorrow he gon' get out of jail
R.O.R., trust me nigga I know the law
Released on your Own Recognizance - that bullshit I'm on it
That's his first taste - I mean his first case
Got knocked with the strap - but not the one that clapped
This nigga here we still got that, yeah
The first law in my hood is show no fear
Him and love was closer than we thought, that nigga in here cryin
Oh shit, in the store he probably passed him the iron
These some grimy ass niggaz, full-breed vultures
Tryin to come up, still eatin around roaches
Cookie Crisp, Cap'n Crunch, breakfast of the champions
Lucky Charms, stay armed, and niggaz won't clap you then
We watch the side bitch talk like she his main bitch
His wifey just sat there, preachers wasn't sayin shit
Right jab, left hook, hand full of weave
This type shit a nigga got to see to believe
These bitches actin up in here, police they don't fuckin care
Homicide snoop around to them, we all with the shit
Cousin back from college sayin he gon' get who did this shit
He a ball player nigga, nigga better play ball
You play with the wrong niggaz we gon' get to lettin off
I done seen enough, feel like it's time for me to split
Hit the parkin lot and chill where the weed is lit
Twist the cap, pour out a little liquor
All the theatrics, you know, like that was my nigga
We all can't win, some of us gotta lose
Envision a lil' dog barkin at a pack of wolves
Cause that's what happened; yeah yeah, that's what happened
He just went on and on 'til niggaz started attackin
Actin like he was the only motherfucker packin

Fifty bars of pleasure, fifty bars of pain
When I'm dead and I'm gone niggaz will remember the name
It's 50... yeah, yeah
Fifty bars of pleasure, fifty bars of pain
When I'm dead and I'm gone niggaz will remember the name
It's 50... yeah, yeah, haha

Visiting the House of Mourning


Simplifying Your Life


Simplifying Your Life

Simplifying Your Life

Simplifying Your Life is not as easy as it is to blog about it. The only reason why is because habits are hard to break.

My friend and old college teammate learned that cutting screens could land you on the bench, yelled at, and laughed at all the way back to our campus.

The short and simpler way to simplify your life is to monitor closely what you’re currently doing! If it has purpose towards your goals and dreams, dig in closer to see if there is anything you can do to fine tune it better.

If it isn’t getting you closer to your dreams, get rid of the activity all together. Let’s say it takes you twenty minutes to make and eat a bowl of cereal. Look into it deeply of why it takes you twenty minutes to make and eat a bowl of cereal.

Then with the intel or insight you gather, nip and tuck a few things to cut the time down further so you are more efficient and systemize what you’re doing.

We often make simple things complex, but all we need to do is find the purpose of what we do, learn the best way to do it efficiently, and do that all the time.

If you’d like help doing this contact me today!


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Get Your Life Together Gee


Get Your Life Together Gee

Get Your Life Together Gee

This phrase is usually said to someone who makes a big blunder or has a major set back in life, often caused by their own self.

Someone close to them (or not these days) will say, “brother (or sister), you’ve gotta get your life together!”

It is true! When things are in a chronic disarray, you have to get it together as oppose to a specific plan gone wrong where you only have to reset and adjust.

If you’re constantly having bad sh%t happen to you, you probably really need to get your life together. How do you do this?

How do you get your life together in 60 seconds?

The best way is to create your ideal future with a clear vision. I call it the Hollywood approach to my clients. In Hollywood, many producers and directors are given scripts and they normally toss the majority out. The good ones hit the big screen. So what we teach people to do is write out their own script.

Based on their own values we teach they should create a vision (motion picture) for themselves they way they would live an ideal life goings forward in the future. With no limitations or hindrances, imagine what your movie script lifestyle would be.

Put it together, you’re the writer author and creator of the movie and script. Now get your life together gee!

If you’d like help doing this contact me today!

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