Organized and Expressed in Action


Organized and Expressed in Action

Organized and Expressed in Action

Wikipedia and other online encyclopaedias are loaded with knowledge, facts, and information about the world and people.

We all could use the knowledge and facts to learn as much as a college student if we read every encyclopedia in the world once a day for the rest of our lives.

Nevertheless, all of the knowledge, facts, and information would be useless (how useless, as useless as night vision goggles during the day) if it were not organized and expressed in order for action.

Many of us have books and courses within us. We have knowledge and ideas up the wazoo, but what many people lack is the ability to organize their knowledge and express them in the form of action.

I say to you this day, don’t be useless with your knowledge and wisdom, use it to the benefit of your family, friends, community, and the world!

Of course if you need help with this, feel free to contact us!

We never really get something for nothing!

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Continued Learning Institutions


Continued Learning Institutions

Continued Learning Institutions

School may not be for you, but continued learning is for everyone. Everyone must continue learning if they want to be on the top side of society and the world today.

The game is about knowledge and more so, applied knowledge. What do you know? What you know will dictate what you do. What you DO will dictate the value you can have to yourself, your family, your community, your city, state, and country.

If you know nothing, you can’t help and helping is serving, and those who serve the most live the grandest lives. Continued learning institutions are all over the world.

We often think of them as colleges and universities, but the true continued learning institutions are our public and private libraries. They hold the gold, use them and get to a point where you’re reading a book a week.

Go to your library and grab their knowledge.

The graveyard is the wealthiest place in the world. Many kept their dreams in their heads, treasures buried in the ground. The blessed ones wrote them in books, audios, and videos OR created them for us to use today.

Go to your library and grab their knowledge. This is the continued learning institution you must stay enrolled in.

Of course if you want to be an entrepreneur, feel free to contact us for ideas that will suit you best!

How to Live with Some Passion in Life!!

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Change Your Habits to Change Your life


Change Your Habits to Change Your life

I love how Bob proctor is sharing his knowledge to the world, and I feel that his simple method of explanation will reach and free a lot of people’s minds from ignorance. You can literally change your life if you view yourself like a machine and reprogram your habits.

This video is a great start for someone new to this type of information, but this can also help people restart where they have been discourage or disorientated by life and losing focus in life.

Of course if you need more detail on this, feel free to contact us!

Master Emotions Money and Relationships

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Change, Your, Habits, to Change, Your life

Knowledge Wisdom Understanding

knowledge wisdom understanding

Knowledge Wisdom Understanding

It use to be in the good ole days people sought knowledge wisdom and understanding of things. We still do, but a lot of our quest has been diverted to things that shine, blink, or make us feel good.

Is this totally bad?

Not exactly, it is great to have a little fun or excitement in your life… especially if chasing or acquiring knowledge wisdom and understanding is not as fun and exciting as it is for people like myself.

The video below is a video where I talk about it from a song by the artist “Rza” who was part of the Wu-Tang Clan, had a song called Twelve Jewelz!

There is an order in acquiring these and these allow or lead you to attain or have things you want, help you to be who you want, and allow you to do the things you want. Peace, I hope you can use this in life, get ready, there is a part two coming up.

General Due

Specialized Knowledge and Favors


It is normal to have a couple friends who unintentionally or intentionally use your specialized knowledge for free because they are always asking … “what do I do if this happens…” or “what should I do next?”

Specialized Knowledge and FavorsYou can find yourself giving tons of free advice in the form of favors. You may do people favors all the time, and the build up is that they should return your type of favor. It is a normal assumption… I mean if I’m always watching your kids, I assume, if I need a favor, you got me.

Right? Well…

The reality is most friends will probably let you down. So I’m telling you now, don’t end the friendship or smash the relationship in pieces because of this. Just understand, this is how people are… self focused, self interest.

Now in regards to having specialized knowledge, I was told to only give away what you want, but if someone ask you of knowledge in which you specialize in, you should set up an appointment.

This does a couple things:

  1. It lets them know this may cost them money!
  2. It lets them know they must respect your time in this area in which they request your specialized knowledge.

Doing things this way clears a lot of assumption and “blackjack” tradeback favors you may think you are owed.